Ink stains my hands like blood
I have clawed my heart out,
Laid it on the table for the world to see
Instead of blood I bleed ink
The pain flows not as tears
But is extant in the words
Scribbled across this page

Pen is mightier than the sword
I hope to cut you with every word
To scar your conscience with my verse
To wound your eyes
Such that they bleed regret

Call it vengeance
For I seek to clutch at your heart
I seek the world to feel my pain
I seek those envious to live my nightmares
And I seek to avenge my dreams
That stick to my eyes like dried ink
Unable to flow and morph into runes
Clouds of indigo dust
Fall off my lashes with every blink

My castles collapsed into a heap of stones
The stones,pieces of the heart you stoned
My white horse never found its way
Out of the forest&my prince,out of art
My child my womb entombs
I sing a lullaby of doom

By love forsworn
My fate deuce
My soul am I here to avenge
I bleed ink onto this page

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