On sale


Putting on mascara
Wondering if it can out do
The empty darkness
In my kohl ringed eyes.
Painting my swollen lips red
Hiding the tear on them
Where the brutal teeth bit
Till they bled
And with my war paint on,I rise
Ice in my soul
Frost in my eyes

I live this war
I take blows on my skin
I fight to save my soul
My identity marred witha shameful scar

I am beauty
Imagination’s Aphrodite
I am the lust for a sinful night
I have a kaleidoscope of faces
Faces of deception
That hide my tears
Cloak my fears
Under the iron armour
Of feminine perfection

Everynight I serve the hunger
I sate the lust
I Swallow the anger
I lie bountiful as the Earth itself
As they bury a million sins in me
I lie in darkness
And they free their self

Repulsion bubbles like magma
Smoke of weed,stink of alcohol
So familiar in this hell hole
Yet inspire nausea

In pleasure they shatter
And I, in me,I crumble
Everytime my soul wailed
I cry your name amidst sobs
I cant dare to reach you
Lest you recoiled
Cause I am face down in dirt
Completely soiled.

I Locked away my heart
I zipped up my lips
I orbed my eyes
Yet inside I bang around
I yell
But who is there for me in this hell?
They buy
They use
They go away
And once again

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