An occupation of hazards-Prostitution



At this given moment there are 40 million prostitutes at work which is more than the populations of Australia(21 million) and Canada(33 million). May be sex is no longer ‘A sacred rite’ opposed to the beliefs of some cults and brotherhoods centuries back and we have become modernised and outspoken enough to use our freedom of speech to make sex a tea time discussion.sexual puns are a dime a dozen these days so altogether sex and sex talks are no longer taboo.

But as trivial as to make it a business??

Does it imply we have travelled down the road of modernisation to the point of progressional apogee?or have we stooped so low that we can no longer discern what is right and what is wrong as long as we get benefits?

Have we bartered our judgemental skills?

Sex trafficking and prostitution are flourishing grounds of entrepreneurship.The demand doesnt cease and unfortunately spurs the $58 billion industry of sex trafficking.studies reaveal 1 in 10 men in the world have paid for sex.
The top reasons-
1. Satisfy an immediate urge for sex
2.experience a specific physical,racial or sexual fetish
3.unsatisfied in their current relationships

But why have women undergirded such an industry? Why permit such crimes?Is money worth more than self esteem? For us, No.  but for people who have to worry about empty stomachs,hell yes ofcourse!
But…. Why prostitution? When there are so many other ways out? It may be the easier way out but definitely not the only one. Infact it isnt as easy as it looks on the outside.
The murder rate for an american prostitute is 204 for every 100,000. Unless money matters more than safety and everything else that prostitution denies it never should be weighed as an option.

Worse is the defenceless of those who are perforce pushed into these forsworn lanes.2.5 million victims are currently being trafficked and even more alarming is the fact that this raunch act is actually legalized within 22 countries including Australia,Germany,Netherlands,Mexico and Columbo.

A canadian report on prostitution concluded that women in prostitution have a mortality rate 40% higher than the national average.sexually transmitted diseases,drug usage & frequent abortions are “the occupational hazards” and adding to it are the psychological effects of sexual abuse.

Thus the factuality of legalized prostitution is obnoxious to the extent of fatuity. The only way to mitigate such exploitation needs tackling the menace more on the demand side which is a downright Herculean task given the culture ,attitude and endemic profanity.However,however difficult it has to be cropped out at all ends and ofcourse the ever present issue of poverty has to be addressed.It needs to be eradicated for the sake of those being coarsed into a lifetime of torture and degradation.

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