Bleeding for you


Here again comes the dream
As transitory as the life within
The dream,
The eyes await to come true
To errupt into liveliness by tasting love’s brew
They wait to be united
Hoping this time they wont be parted
Like sleeping beauty
In the dark womb
It waits to be awakened by a kiss
To walk on a path
That doesn’t lead to the tomb
But the dream dies to soon
The eyes hurl into the pyre of gloom
It tears itself apart
And then there is blood
Blood everywhere
And then there is pain
Pain everywhere
I bleed ever since I dreamt of u
My womb aching to hold u
And I am still bleeding for u
Awaiting the day when you will smile through the blood
Awaiting the day when your shrill cry
Will banish my pain
Awaiting the day when my blood will dress you in red
That day,my child
Through the blood
Through the tears
Through the pain
Swelling with joy and gratitude
I ll sing a paean
But now,
There is just blood
Blood everywhere
There is just pain
Pain everywhere

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