Solitude and loneliness


There is a thin line,a string of few breaths,between life and death.There is acceptance that separates fiction and reality.There is again a blurry line between ego and selfesteem which is distinguished by character.

Similarly there is a very thin line of distinction between solitude and loneliness. “choice” separates them.
Solitude is a choice and Loneliness is helplessness,a burden meant to be carried but without will.

When there is no one to turn to at the hour of need,you are lonely

When there is no one to discern the grief behind your smile,you are lonely

When there are hundreds of people but no one who understands you,you are lonely.

And it makes such a difference,such a bad loses its vigour and turns a dull shade of grey cause there is no one to splash it with paint. Being alone in a crowd is worse than being just alone.infact just alone is a source of bliss to lovers of have your ownself for company and you enjoy it.That is solitude.
Solitude is that moment of peace when you sit down on the terrace with a cup of coffee and you savour it because you love coffee not because u need a kick of caffeine to get you through another late night at work.
Solitude is that that bliss when you know you are at peace with yourself and you are loved by others.
Solitude is when you know you are alone only till you want to be.

It helps you get yourself the precious time that you deserve
It helps you grow

But loneliness crushes your spirits and triggers insecurities.If your friends mistake your need for momentary solitude as reclusion then yes,you are lonely and also misunderstood.

But lets remember its only a thin line of separation
It can be bridged!
Even in lonely hours when all you need is a friend who would hear you bawl and sniff through the story of your heartache…. Be strong!
Wipe your own tears
And stretch your hands
Fitting fingers will fill the gap between yours.
Trust time and do not give up.
You asked for solitude and got loneliness??
Then mould it into solitude and attain innerpeace.

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