The poetry in me


I see you watching me
Move on the dance floor
Your gaze touching me at places
I would like to be touched
I drift off to verboten places
Your face burned to my eyelids
Glad u cant hear it flutter
My mind’s eye is upto no good
Revved up by those smoke grey eyes
That dont just look but dig and bore
Savouring me like sweat earned food

You pull me in for a dance
I can read the hunger in your eyes
Just these moves aint what you got on your mind
The dance
Has all but begun
And I sway to its rhythm
That lust laced poetry in me
Unravel it
Read it if u can

You pull back suddenly
There is a storm in your cloud cast eyes
I know that look
That trace of steel
You have set your goal

In no time at all
We fall on your bed in a tangle of clothes
Yours black mine red
As scarlet as my thoughts
My world is centred around your touch
I want to savour take me slow
I want to shatter
Drive me! Plunder
Yes let it go

You take me to places I have never been
You make love like dreams
Your hardness familiar to the slick satin folds of my core
You have me wanting for more
Take me again to the zenith
I spiral down around you
I ll be your accomplice in the sin of lust

The lust laced
The sacred
The cloistered poetry in me
You unraveled it
Now come plunge into it again
Slow,with the pace of heaven
Make Aphrodite envious
Let it roll off your tongue
Let it be heard,
The poetry in me




I may fall
I may taste the dust
On bloody elbows and skinned knees
Now I may crawl
But I will rise
The sun at dawn
I must go on

Yes I must
Listen to the whisper of dreams
And chase star light beams
I must follow the beacon of destiny
I must awaken the warrior in me

I have burst out of the carapace
To behold beauty,
Covered with ugly bruises
But my wounds have to heal
I have to walk on and I will

These are baby steps
The pencil strokes that make abstract shapes
Abstract shapes that build landscapes
Landscapes painted with hues of dreams
Dreams entwined with life at the seams

Life awaits me
Arms outstretched
Though sweat and blood drenched
I will walk the length
I believe I have the strength

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The black flag


A thunder cloud overhead
Roaring with evil laughter
Breathes at the black flag
That flutters ominously
In stark contrast
To the red brick fort
That upholds the onerous weight of justice

The black flag betokens
A duty bound execution
Bespeaks of captivity,
Blinkered justice

It continues waving in deafening silence
Disclosing the denouement of the parable
Desensitizing judicature into
A blind barbarous game
Of punitive retribution



The golden wings of an angel
Dancing with the wind
Cloaking and swallowing everything

Sometimes a flash of terror
Savage reckless and oblivious
Sometimes a warm breath of pleasure
A helping hand,a friend forever

Ages back when life started
Adam and Eve went around the world
Beholding and savouring the gift of PAN
The green beautiful nature for man

On one dark night they encountered ‘flame’
Graceful and powerful in its two forms
One,the loose golden curls of a witch’s hair,
They named it fire
Other,the shapeless voiceless call for madness,
They named it desire

Its elegant but dangerous
At times it runs a chill down the spine
When it wants to possess
nothing can u hide
At times its that bestfriend by your side
You warm up with sipping a glass of wine

Its ecstasy but madness
When you look into your lover’s eyes
And lose your senses
The violent surging of blood beneath the skin
The torrent of need luring to sin
The heat of your clinging bodies
That you are basking in

“Some say the world will end in fire”
But fire can never pulverize me completely
My soul would survive
It is desire
that destroys effortlessly
For then would I give over my soul recklessly



The blade that you yield
Is rusted with dried blood
But it will never fade from your hands
It will flash scarlet
As fresh pouring liquid
And handcuff your wrists in lurid bands

The clothes that you tore
Exposing her unsullied flesh
To taints and taunts that she bore
Will snake around your throat
And strangle you while you snore

The lies that you told
The truths you sold
In greed of money and gold
Will bind you with delusional joy
Untill reality crashes upon your head
And you find yourself companionless
On your deathbed

In this life time
You will reap your results
You will pay the debts
Revenged by karma
Punished by fate
Bathe all you want in holy water
Your crimes shall emerge pristine

The tears that cursed you
Will choke your throat
Your guilt will weigh down your shoulders
And prick your aging mind
In moments of retrospection

Seek refuge in whatever nation
Burrow in the deepest trench
But you will never escape
The consequences of your actions

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The voyage of my heart


I set out to sail in the ocean
In search of a world
where dreams came true
Where tears of joy overwhelmed you
Where blessings did rain
Where love and only love did reign

I yearned to be there
Where lovers never had to part
A place where
No one ever did break a loyal heart

I feared I would fail
For I was on my own
He came along and vowed
He will never leave me alone
He promised he will be my oar
Help me sail till I reached the shore
His presence changed the ambience of the world once I knew
The buds of dreams blossomed at the touch of love’s dew

I failed to see through his affectation
Lived life lost in amatory imagination
Blinded by love
Overcome by emotions
Rejoicing every moment of my jocund voyage
I failed to see the premonitions of the storm that did rage
No I never did panic
When violent waves fraught with hatred
Till the brink
Clashed and crashed around me
For I knew I had him with me

What killed me was the sight of him drifting away
That was when I gave up
The strength,the dreams, the hope
Why such treason
Was all I could think
Broken and shattered my soul tore away
And left myself to sink.

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Parting alms


Indiscernible existence
I sit and watch
As the world rushes past
Running a mechanical marathon
In pursuit of some mighty goal
A different green than nature’s own

I stare at a hundred gleaming shoes
And rhinestone sandals
Waiting for the rare glittering
Of a handfull coins tossed at me
Like the footpath I sit on
I am society’s stairway
Step on my rights
Climb the luxurious heights
A thousand promises once in a while
Speaking of cutting back on poverty’s miles
Then language turns profane
And dazzling ivory of flashing teeth
Turn vile
Hands once offered then jerk away
Grumbling about untouchability
This was routine

But that day the sun shone
Miraculously bright across my horizon
School bag in hand
And a shining morning face
He stopped by me
And for once in ages
I had a smile graced on me
And since then,
He stops by to chat sometimes
He has no money to offer
But he heals my heart
If I were to leave the world now
I wouldn’t dither
For I have my parting alms
A small place in humanity’s arms

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A ball of fire mounted on a pedestal
In all its beauty
The hues of rainbow
sparkle of crystal
I bask in its glory
Captivated by its sensual dance
I am drawn
Like icarus to sun
Strangely oblivious to the fear of burn
Abiding to an unknown vow
I swore in birth before or now
That,I pray do not know
I throw myself into the pyre
But find myself in the embrace of love and desire
I look up at the angelic face
In dreams?
Or crowd of strangers
I can not place
At this precious moment I realise
I have found my paradise
Not a delusional oasis
Nor the wind that I can not hold
But my own vista to behold

Though to my smitten heart it may seem
It has attained nirvana
And realised all it dreams
I ask myself
Have I met myself?
Have I done myself justice?
Why is he the center of my universe?
My only wish?
I am all but a piece of glass
A reflection of his wishes,
His ire
His walls
Bending along his wills
I have lost myself somewhere
In the lost island of Atlantis

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The town is all set
For the wedding of the winter fairy
Brimming with joy the landscape awaits
The shower of snowflakes,soft and ivory

The fairy departs with her groom
Wherever she treads blossoms bloom
The cuckoo sings for her a farewell song
The trail of her wedding gown white and long
As she walks cascades along
Sweeping the ground
Sprouting greenery all around

The sun looks down on the Earth
Shining and blazing in mirth
The trees and lakes cry with thirst
Pleading the black angry clouds to burst

Sad and scorched the trees shed tears
Painting the ground with brown and yellow
Naked in glory they ride their fears
And tarry for the weather to turn mellow

The child of the river
The destined saviour
Overwhelmed by their pleas
Bursts into a shower of silver beads
Quenching the thirsts
And enlivening the draughts

The wheel of nature spins unperturbed
The seasons arrive whether or not welcomed
They come and go, nothing lasts
Yet why do we struggle with the ghosts of past?

Situations change
By gone eras leave memoirs to scavange
Bonds break and feelings wane
Whom did we lose and what did we gain?

In this world of greed and treachery
There prevails the stink of misery
People here are so transitional
The phrase”together forever”
Is almost delusional

Change is indeed life’s essence
Without it existence turns mundane
But I wish you would help me strengthen
Our bond of love to overcome evanascence

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Coming home


The closer I come to you
The harder you push
And today,
Knocked out,worn out
Tired of all failed attempts
I seek answers
I seek assurance
I look into your eyes
And I see the uncertainty
In the awkward blink of your lashes
I see your reticence
In the way you look anywhere
But at me
And there,
I have my answers
If I wasnt too familiar with your pride
I would think you are too abashed
To look me in the eye
Ashamed of the coward that you are
Who seeks defence in offence
With a shake of my head
And a wry smile
I take a step back and say goodbye
Ball my hands into fists
Drawing strength from the bruises
You left on me
Willing myself to let go
Let go of the past
Let go of your ghost
I turn around and walk
Walk towards my world
A kingdom of freedom awaits me
I am no more a prisoner to your love
Let all the pain of yesterday
Dust off my skin
Like the grains of sand I leave behind
Ask the sun to rise again
Shaking off darkness
I am coming home
Let the breeze lift my spirits up
I am ready to breathe again
Let by gones be by gones
Let there be peace
Let there be joy
Cause I am coming home

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Superstition is the dark side of wonder


Superstition is the religion of feeble minds- Edmund Burke

Superstition is a belief that is based on fear of the unknown and faith in magic or luck.some of our superstitions stem from our religions and cultures. So deep rooted are some of our superstitions that even the so called inteligentsia,comprising the middle and upper crusts of society follow its dictate.

It wont be wrong to say that every country has its own set of superstitions that are handed down to coming generations.

* In france handing someone a loaf of bread upside down brings both the giver and the recipient hunger and bad luck

*Another old french superstition is that seeing an owl at daytime during pregnancy ensures birth of girl child


* Friday the 13th has been a source of superstition since the 19th centuries.Many people will purposefully avoid doing anything significant due to the belief that the day is cursed

* In Britain broken mirrors and sight of black cats are said to bring bad luck


* In Italy letting a broom touch your feet when someone is cleaning the floors is an ill omen. If you do you ll never get swept off your feet and get married.   ”

* The Italian superstitious also not to spill salt or olive oil for the fear of bad luck

* Giving a German knives as a gift means that you are wishing him and his family injury and death


* In china if a dog howls for a few hours in late nights it means someone had died somewhere

* It is another superstitious belief of the chinese that if one has a dream of teeth or snow it indicates that his parents are dead


These beliefs, so long as they dont cause any harm are innocuous.However it is depressing to see the poor and the illiterate even today believing in witchcraft,voodoo and demons. Diseases like jaundice,chickenpox etc are labelled as wrath of God and instead of medicine daily doses of worshipping and animal sacrifice ete are prescribed.some people are beaten to cure them of diseases,  children are sacrificed to attain immortality.
This is how tradition, culture, curiosity, fear of the unknown, amusement all cluster and morph into a very very dark shape. This is how superstition becomes the dark side of wonder

Recently in India (Berhampur) four people were tonsured, had their teeth pulled out,forced to swallow human excreta and then were paraded naked around a village because the villagers believed they were sorcerers.
This isnt a culture we can affort to hand down to our children.

No society can progress if its citizens are blind slaves of superstition.knowledge and humanity are the only antidotes to this evil.
It is hoped that as wisdom spreads this evil will dwindle to the point of extinction.

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Rhythm Divine


Caught in the whirlwind of time
Lost in the nebulosity of the moment
Unenlightened of the reason recumbent
I was only pirouetting along
The rhythm divine
The verse of fantasy
The lyrics of ecstasy
Far off the tune of reality
I was entranced by the beauty
The grace in my movements
The liquid feelings that flowed through my feet
The world of my imaginations that centered at my toe
The emotions that curved along my swaying body
Dazzling like a thousand diamond ornaments
Glass ballerina
Dressed up doll
Fairyland’s Cinderella
Stripped bare to her soul
Exposed expressions exhibited for all
My reflection watched enthralled
Untill the music stopped
Then I stumbled upon reality
And crashed on the floor.

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Rhythm Divine


Caught in the whirlwind of time
Lost in the nebulosity of the moment
Unenlightened of the reason recumbent
I was only pirouetting along
The rhythm divine
The verse of fantasy
The lyrics of ecstasy
Far off the tune of reality
I was entranced by the beauty
The grace in my movements
The liquid feelings that flowed through my feet
The world of my imaginations that centered at my toe
The emotions that curved along my swaying body
Dazzling like a thousand diamond ornaments
Glass ballerina
Dressed up doll
Fairyland’s Cinderella
Stripped bare to her soul
Exposed expressions exhibited for all
My reflection watched enthralled
Untill the music stopped
Then I stumbled upon reality
And crashed on the floor.

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I am aweary of the abrasive cacophony
Tired of being whiny
What difference does it make
You are smothering me
Bludgeoning me with your evil stake
I need a break
My anger is my folly
It does me more harm than good
You never changed anyway
So why hope now that you would?
Right or wrong
You never listen to what I say
All you want is to win the fight
And all you know is to be rude
Untill m a terrible sight
Crying and begging for mercy
No matter how convinced I am
That I was right
I find myself at your feet
Well,no more
I no longer bother
Even if I seethe inside
When you lock arms
And stand close by her

I smirk at your hypocrisy
At your male chauvinist idiosyncrasy
At your pathetically disguised infidelity
You vandalized every fabric of my faith
Over and over and over
I am not gonna waste my breath
Not now!not ever!
I am not gonna speak a word
I have been hurt more than I deserved
I glossed over all your mistakes
I said I ll never give up on you
No matter what it takes

But no more
There will be no fights
No uproar
Since you dont value
You are not worthy of my words
Silence is all you get
Silence that reverberates
With cries of a broken soul
Silence that sings
Of a thousand regrets
Silence is all you get
Its too late
Dont come back for me
Cause I am not gonna wait
For a feckless ingrate.

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Atlas telamon…..
Oh why does this feel so?
Wasnt this once a presumption?
Wasnt it a regalia?
This liason

It still is precious
My precious precipice
That I bear upon my shoulder
Even if I am in ruins
And my spine smashed to smithereens
Because my love for you
Preponderates all sorrow
You are my soul’s joy
O beloved of mine

I dare not breathe too deep
I dare not laugh
I dare not weep
Lest shall I juggle this atlas that I bear
Your heart and this bond
To my heart so dear

I dare not move my arms too much
The rain
The dew
The snow
Though I longe to touch
I dare not put a toe out of the path
Lest shall I face the brunt of your wrath
I do not fear
The feel of your hands on me
Even in ire
I fear its my heart you will tear
Not my skin
Or worse walk away from me

I behold the exquisite panaroma
From below the roof
Yes,though a mountain
Its my roof
I smell the meadow’s sweet smelling aroma
Do I hear your footsteps??
No alas! A horse’s hoof

A spectrum of dreams
Sweet memories
Before my eyes take form and flash
I want to lose myself in them
Will you souse in me?
Stay with me?
And pray not be harsh?
Then surely I would no longer
Be enduring Atlas.

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Celebrating friendship


Popularity gets you company. Its upto you to look for friends in the crowd around you.the crowd knows you,you have to search for the ones who understand you amidst it.

I have a very few friends, few but great friends! We ve been through trivial tiffs,clashes,drifts,breakups and a hell lot of other teenage girl fiasco. Somehow we manage to bounce back everytime like we were never apart. We party we hangout and gossip like anyother group of friends but what makes it special is the way we fit in

We are all different people,different in our tastes and areas of expertise and attitude but when we are together we blend in to create an undivided abstract painting of complementary hues. Its eccentric,buzzing with vivacity and beautiful.freeze us in any frame! The snap comes out beautiful in laughter,in tears,in anger, in joy. we are the pieces of a puzzle.

I write this to let my dear friends know how grateful I am to have them in my life. They are my anchor that pull me together when m shattered.They are my wings that help me fly

Happy friendship day buds
You guys complete me ๐Ÿ™‚


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Podium pandemonium


You caught my heart
That lambent charm
Went right through my soul
That well aimed dart
Hooked on to your music
White horses and castles I fantasized
But then my kiss turned you into a mask
Not a prince!
Oh alas!
You spoke my name
Dont know why it rang with an eerie edge
Darkness blooms
Shadows lurk
Mermaids sing of a witch’s work
And you pull me close, hold me tight
Say its my paranoia
Our future is bright
Your words sound empty
When the mountains echo
I dont where to go
Love was once so pure so warm
Now to peruse,it causes alarm
Its tainted blood red
By distrust,dishonesty,disloyalty
Heartaches,despondence and vengeance
Its prevaricating from its probity!
Feels like
I am watching you perform
My heart- the podium
A depthless smile plastered on my face
Inside I am hollow,an empty vase
A hopeless sigh barely contained
I wish my eyes were as adroitly curtained
I can see through the farce
Though my eyes,with tears awash
Show me your guts come on spit it out
All those lies and all those daggers!
My heart aint your stage boy
So whats this act all about?

Now there is a pandemonium
On the podium
Its wrecking havoc,tearing me apart
A battle,a tussle
That makes no sense at all
But I cant complain!no I cant!
Cause all is fair in love and war
And this is love and this is war.

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Because we are worth it!

Only the difference in one chromosome makes people think women are lacking and deprived of the “greatness” that men possess and hence are duly subjected to a cheaper quality of treatment.
This chauvinism persists till date and these male chauvinist pigs who ardently practice jingoism and sexual discrimination are a disgrace to mankind and modernization.
Even some families treat their daughters like some sort of a burden!an unwanted guest!
Son or daughter, what difference does it make? They are your own flesh and blood either way! And this is a century where women have as much capability and shot at success as dont have to carry them,then can fly! Just dont cut off their wings by all sorts of criticism.cause that can nip a woman’s dignity and selfesteem right at the bud

“masculinity isnt the inches in your pants
Its the way you treat a woman,any woman”

The way you treat a woman reflects your values and the sorrounding you have been brought up in. The woman you misbehave with is somebody’s daughter,somebody’s sister.will you tolerate this if she was your sister?
No!  then why such hypocrisy??
Control your anger,get a hold on your lust,your frustration.women arent your toys or punching bags.what gives you the right to abuse them??
The women around you-your mother,your wife,your girlfriend they love you! In return they deserve to be cared for and loved,not dominated!
You should be upholding their dignity and not crushing it.

Next time you manhandle a woman remember you dont own her!  you dont pay her for all the love, care and attention she bestows on you and all the hardships she bears. 
Watch out,you might just get punched on your fucking face by your own deeds
Beacause Karma is a bitch!

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I stretch across
Wide and lone
A forlorn expanse
A world of my own
Companions scarce
And looked at askance
Bereft of a shroud of greenery
Devoid of a veil of ivory
I lie in abeyance
My nights,cold and desolate
I gaze at the moon,desperate
I havnt slept since ages
I bid my silent friend a tearful adieu
And bear the brunt
As the feary sun blazes
The heat of hatred melting every sinew,
Every thread of hope
The portrait of my dreams hang askew
On my heart’s wall
Even as the wind blows away
pieces of me
I urge,I nag,I chivy
I beg it to bring me a pall
A pall that will cover my naked body
With a thousand diamond droplets
That will fill my eyes
With scars magically lambent
That will fill my ears
With a roar of thundering laughter
Yes,I am the Earth’s cursed daughter
I am a desert,always deserted
But I am a fighter
I will not surrender to fate
I will dream and I will wait
I am a survivor
I believe in wonders
I await a miracle
The beautiful spectacle
It will happen
I dont know when
But someday
It will rain

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