I stretch across
Wide and lone
A forlorn expanse
A world of my own
Companions scarce
And looked at askance
Bereft of a shroud of greenery
Devoid of a veil of ivory
I lie in abeyance
My nights,cold and desolate
I gaze at the moon,desperate
I havnt slept since ages
I bid my silent friend a tearful adieu
And bear the brunt
As the feary sun blazes
The heat of hatred melting every sinew,
Every thread of hope
The portrait of my dreams hang askew
On my heart’s wall
Even as the wind blows away
pieces of me
I urge,I nag,I chivy
I beg it to bring me a pall
A pall that will cover my naked body
With a thousand diamond droplets
That will fill my eyes
With scars magically lambent
That will fill my ears
With a roar of thundering laughter
Yes,I am the Earth’s cursed daughter
I am a desert,always deserted
But I am a fighter
I will not surrender to fate
I will dream and I will wait
I am a survivor
I believe in wonders
I await a miracle
The beautiful spectacle
It will happen
I dont know when
But someday
It will rain

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