Because we are worth it!

Only the difference in one chromosome makes people think women are lacking and deprived of the “greatness” that men possess and hence are duly subjected to a cheaper quality of treatment.
This chauvinism persists till date and these male chauvinist pigs who ardently practice jingoism and sexual discrimination are a disgrace to mankind and modernization.
Even some families treat their daughters like some sort of a burden!an unwanted guest!
Son or daughter, what difference does it make? They are your own flesh and blood either way! And this is a century where women have as much capability and shot at success as dont have to carry them,then can fly! Just dont cut off their wings by all sorts of criticism.cause that can nip a woman’s dignity and selfesteem right at the bud

“masculinity isnt the inches in your pants
Its the way you treat a woman,any woman”

The way you treat a woman reflects your values and the sorrounding you have been brought up in. The woman you misbehave with is somebody’s daughter,somebody’s sister.will you tolerate this if she was your sister?
No!  then why such hypocrisy??
Control your anger,get a hold on your lust,your frustration.women arent your toys or punching bags.what gives you the right to abuse them??
The women around you-your mother,your wife,your girlfriend they love you! In return they deserve to be cared for and loved,not dominated!
You should be upholding their dignity and not crushing it.

Next time you manhandle a woman remember you dont own her!  you dont pay her for all the love, care and attention she bestows on you and all the hardships she bears. 
Watch out,you might just get punched on your fucking face by your own deeds
Beacause Karma is a bitch!

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