Celebrating friendship


Popularity gets you company. Its upto you to look for friends in the crowd around you.the crowd knows you,you have to search for the ones who understand you amidst it.

I have a very few friends, few but great friends! We ve been through trivial tiffs,clashes,drifts,breakups and a hell lot of other teenage girl fiasco. Somehow we manage to bounce back everytime like we were never apart. We party we hangout and gossip like anyother group of friends but what makes it special is the way we fit in

We are all different people,different in our tastes and areas of expertise and attitude but when we are together we blend in to create an undivided abstract painting of complementary hues. Its eccentric,buzzing with vivacity and beautiful.freeze us in any frame! The snap comes out beautiful in laughter,in tears,in anger, in joy. we are the pieces of a puzzle.

I write this to let my dear friends know how grateful I am to have them in my life. They are my anchor that pull me together when m shattered.They are my wings that help me fly

Happy friendship day buds
You guys complete me πŸ™‚


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