Podium pandemonium


You caught my heart
That lambent charm
Went right through my soul
That well aimed dart
Hooked on to your music
White horses and castles I fantasized
But then my kiss turned you into a mask
Not a prince!
Oh alas!
You spoke my name
Dont know why it rang with an eerie edge
Darkness blooms
Shadows lurk
Mermaids sing of a witch’s work
And you pull me close, hold me tight
Say its my paranoia
Our future is bright
Your words sound empty
When the mountains echo
I dont where to go
Love was once so pure so warm
Now to peruse,it causes alarm
Its tainted blood red
By distrust,dishonesty,disloyalty
Heartaches,despondence and vengeance
Its prevaricating from its probity!
Feels like
I am watching you perform
My heart- the podium
A depthless smile plastered on my face
Inside I am hollow,an empty vase
A hopeless sigh barely contained
I wish my eyes were as adroitly curtained
I can see through the farce
Though my eyes,with tears awash
Show me your guts come on spit it out
All those lies and all those daggers!
My heart aint your stage boy
So whats this act all about?

Now there is a pandemonium
On the podium
Its wrecking havoc,tearing me apart
A battle,a tussle
That makes no sense at all
But I cant complain!no I cant!
Cause all is fair in love and war
And this is love and this is war.

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