I am aweary of the abrasive cacophony
Tired of being whiny
What difference does it make
You are smothering me
Bludgeoning me with your evil stake
I need a break
My anger is my folly
It does me more harm than good
You never changed anyway
So why hope now that you would?
Right or wrong
You never listen to what I say
All you want is to win the fight
And all you know is to be rude
Untill m a terrible sight
Crying and begging for mercy
No matter how convinced I am
That I was right
I find myself at your feet
Well,no more
I no longer bother
Even if I seethe inside
When you lock arms
And stand close by her

I smirk at your hypocrisy
At your male chauvinist idiosyncrasy
At your pathetically disguised infidelity
You vandalized every fabric of my faith
Over and over and over
I am not gonna waste my breath
Not now!not ever!
I am not gonna speak a word
I have been hurt more than I deserved
I glossed over all your mistakes
I said I ll never give up on you
No matter what it takes

But no more
There will be no fights
No uproar
Since you dont value
You are not worthy of my words
Silence is all you get
Silence that reverberates
With cries of a broken soul
Silence that sings
Of a thousand regrets
Silence is all you get
Its too late
Dont come back for me
Cause I am not gonna wait
For a feckless ingrate.

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