The town is all set
For the wedding of the winter fairy
Brimming with joy the landscape awaits
The shower of snowflakes,soft and ivory

The fairy departs with her groom
Wherever she treads blossoms bloom
The cuckoo sings for her a farewell song
The trail of her wedding gown white and long
As she walks cascades along
Sweeping the ground
Sprouting greenery all around

The sun looks down on the Earth
Shining and blazing in mirth
The trees and lakes cry with thirst
Pleading the black angry clouds to burst

Sad and scorched the trees shed tears
Painting the ground with brown and yellow
Naked in glory they ride their fears
And tarry for the weather to turn mellow

The child of the river
The destined saviour
Overwhelmed by their pleas
Bursts into a shower of silver beads
Quenching the thirsts
And enlivening the draughts

The wheel of nature spins unperturbed
The seasons arrive whether or not welcomed
They come and go, nothing lasts
Yet why do we struggle with the ghosts of past?

Situations change
By gone eras leave memoirs to scavange
Bonds break and feelings wane
Whom did we lose and what did we gain?

In this world of greed and treachery
There prevails the stink of misery
People here are so transitional
The phrase”together forever”
Is almost delusional

Change is indeed life’s essence
Without it existence turns mundane
But I wish you would help me strengthen
Our bond of love to overcome evanascence

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