A ball of fire mounted on a pedestal
In all its beauty
The hues of rainbow
sparkle of crystal
I bask in its glory
Captivated by its sensual dance
I am drawn
Like icarus to sun
Strangely oblivious to the fear of burn
Abiding to an unknown vow
I swore in birth before or now
That,I pray do not know
I throw myself into the pyre
But find myself in the embrace of love and desire
I look up at the angelic face
In dreams?
Or crowd of strangers
I can not place
At this precious moment I realise
I have found my paradise
Not a delusional oasis
Nor the wind that I can not hold
But my own vista to behold

Though to my smitten heart it may seem
It has attained nirvana
And realised all it dreams
I ask myself
Have I met myself?
Have I done myself justice?
Why is he the center of my universe?
My only wish?
I am all but a piece of glass
A reflection of his wishes,
His ire
His walls
Bending along his wills
I have lost myself somewhere
In the lost island of Atlantis

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