Parting alms


Indiscernible existence
I sit and watch
As the world rushes past
Running a mechanical marathon
In pursuit of some mighty goal
A different green than nature’s own

I stare at a hundred gleaming shoes
And rhinestone sandals
Waiting for the rare glittering
Of a handfull coins tossed at me
Like the footpath I sit on
I am society’s stairway
Step on my rights
Climb the luxurious heights
A thousand promises once in a while
Speaking of cutting back on poverty’s miles
Then language turns profane
And dazzling ivory of flashing teeth
Turn vile
Hands once offered then jerk away
Grumbling about untouchability
This was routine

But that day the sun shone
Miraculously bright across my horizon
School bag in hand
And a shining morning face
He stopped by me
And for once in ages
I had a smile graced on me
And since then,
He stops by to chat sometimes
He has no money to offer
But he heals my heart
If I were to leave the world now
I wouldn’t dither
For I have my parting alms
A small place in humanity’s arms

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12 thoughts on “Parting alms”

  1. Very evocative bro! I consider myself a fairly charitable person and I give more than just a few coins for the supplicants. But then I feel myself always in a rush too, as if the relatively indifferent people around me wash me away with their tides of callousness. Many times in retrospect, I wish I gave the green to the needy with a smile on my face, unobstructed by the fast pace of my life mysteriously interconnected with the passersby which obligates me to rush forward. Sigh.


  2. You have a beautiful way of seeing things.. Maybe like salman khan in Jai Ho.. Of all the ppl bestowed with sight, only very few can see. N fewer bring it to light.

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