The voyage of my heart


I set out to sail in the ocean
In search of a world
where dreams came true
Where tears of joy overwhelmed you
Where blessings did rain
Where love and only love did reign

I yearned to be there
Where lovers never had to part
A place where
No one ever did break a loyal heart

I feared I would fail
For I was on my own
He came along and vowed
He will never leave me alone
He promised he will be my oar
Help me sail till I reached the shore
His presence changed the ambience of the world once I knew
The buds of dreams blossomed at the touch of love’s dew

I failed to see through his affectation
Lived life lost in amatory imagination
Blinded by love
Overcome by emotions
Rejoicing every moment of my jocund voyage
I failed to see the premonitions of the storm that did rage
No I never did panic
When violent waves fraught with hatred
Till the brink
Clashed and crashed around me
For I knew I had him with me

What killed me was the sight of him drifting away
That was when I gave up
The strength,the dreams, the hope
Why such treason
Was all I could think
Broken and shattered my soul tore away
And left myself to sink.

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