The blade that you yield
Is rusted with dried blood
But it will never fade from your hands
It will flash scarlet
As fresh pouring liquid
And handcuff your wrists in lurid bands

The clothes that you tore
Exposing her unsullied flesh
To taints and taunts that she bore
Will snake around your throat
And strangle you while you snore

The lies that you told
The truths you sold
In greed of money and gold
Will bind you with delusional joy
Untill reality crashes upon your head
And you find yourself companionless
On your deathbed

In this life time
You will reap your results
You will pay the debts
Revenged by karma
Punished by fate
Bathe all you want in holy water
Your crimes shall emerge pristine

The tears that cursed you
Will choke your throat
Your guilt will weigh down your shoulders
And prick your aging mind
In moments of retrospection

Seek refuge in whatever nation
Burrow in the deepest trench
But you will never escape
The consequences of your actions

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