The golden wings of an angel
Dancing with the wind
Cloaking and swallowing everything

Sometimes a flash of terror
Savage reckless and oblivious
Sometimes a warm breath of pleasure
A helping hand,a friend forever

Ages back when life started
Adam and Eve went around the world
Beholding and savouring the gift of PAN
The green beautiful nature for man

On one dark night they encountered ‘flame’
Graceful and powerful in its two forms
One,the loose golden curls of a witch’s hair,
They named it fire
Other,the shapeless voiceless call for madness,
They named it desire

Its elegant but dangerous
At times it runs a chill down the spine
When it wants to possess
nothing can u hide
At times its that bestfriend by your side
You warm up with sipping a glass of wine

Its ecstasy but madness
When you look into your lover’s eyes
And lose your senses
The violent surging of blood beneath the skin
The torrent of need luring to sin
The heat of your clinging bodies
That you are basking in

“Some say the world will end in fire”
But fire can never pulverize me completely
My soul would survive
It is desire
that destroys effortlessly
For then would I give over my soul recklessly


4 thoughts on “Flames”

      1. My pleasure that am being able to appreciate a true talent.
        Till now never appreciated any one good always taunted and pulled legs. But reading you blogs appreciation comes from with in. πŸ™‚


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