The poetry in me


I see you watching me
Move on the dance floor
Your gaze touching me at places
I would like to be touched
I drift off to verboten places
Your face burned to my eyelids
Glad u cant hear it flutter
My mind’s eye is upto no good
Revved up by those smoke grey eyes
That dont just look but dig and bore
Savouring me like sweat earned food

You pull me in for a dance
I can read the hunger in your eyes
Just these moves aint what you got on your mind
The dance
Has all but begun
And I sway to its rhythm
That lust laced poetry in me
Unravel it
Read it if u can

You pull back suddenly
There is a storm in your cloud cast eyes
I know that look
That trace of steel
You have set your goal

In no time at all
We fall on your bed in a tangle of clothes
Yours black mine red
As scarlet as my thoughts
My world is centred around your touch
I want to savour take me slow
I want to shatter
Drive me! Plunder
Yes let it go

You take me to places I have never been
You make love like dreams
Your hardness familiar to the slick satin folds of my core
You have me wanting for more
Take me again to the zenith
I spiral down around you
I ll be your accomplice in the sin of lust

The lust laced
The sacred
The cloistered poetry in me
You unraveled it
Now come plunge into it again
Slow,with the pace of heaven
Make Aphrodite envious
Let it roll off your tongue
Let it be heard,
The poetry in me


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