Winner stands alone

“winning is everything.The only ones who remember you when you come second are your wife and your dog”

The competitive world that we live in today is all about schedules,ticking clocks,stacking money and rushing.
All of that crazy frenzy aims at staying ahead.staying ahead of time,Being a step nearer to achievement than others. Its all about winning the race.
So when we are all looking ahead we see nobody by our side.
First,they have got no time
Second,almost everybody hates you.
Because when you are winning they are losing.

But haters gotta hate. Bitches gotta bitch. Thats what they strive in.The sight of you standing there,A winner who did it without their help ,despite their discouragement and pulls.
It kills them

It shouldnt matter when you feel lonely because you cant bring yourself to rely on anyone because of all the backstabs you have braved.
The people who gave you the push you needed are looking out for you and at you.The pride in their eyes more prominent than yours.
And the losers, well nobody is paying attention to them except the other losers

The throne can not be shared.
The winner always stands alone.


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