You feel my touch
When water droplets trickle down your skin
Kissing the stubble on your chin

You hear me pattering about your kitchen
Amidst the clink clank of cuttlery
When you come home hungry

You see me cheering
At the stands for you
When you put the ball through

You catch me watching you
From behind the shelves
When you are poring over your law books
Looking as tired as house elves

You hear my laughter
When the breeze tickles the chimes
The souvenir of auld lang syne
You listen to my lullaby
The sleepy silence fabricating a mime

You can feel my arms cradling you
My eyes capturing you tears
Those precious droplets
My moonstone spheres

You see my hand in yours
When you put on the ring
Wishing it had kept the promises
Of the life that it would bring

My heart aches,
But cursed I am
I cant cry
I am everywhere around you
In a swirl of memories
But you cant reach me
However hard you try

Dear heart,
Its time you let the pain go
Keep my love in your heart
It will keep you warm in a trench of snow

I will be the wick
That burns with a death wish
To bring you light
I will be your shadow
That the darkest of nights
Can not venture to vanquish

How can night be any superior?
When I am the love
That the mighty death couldn’t conquer


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