Clowns and crowns


The world is shrouded by deception
Affectations and treason beyond reason and perception
But beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
And such, deception too
Entombs goodness’s odour

Deception though may breach the trust
Some shattered soul may seek its help
To cloud,from the taunting crowd
The worst traumatizing memories
Personified into a repulsive shape

Sometimes a sugar coated pill
A friend,but in truth a foe
Sometimes a face that smiles against will
Bosom heaving with unshed tears
And pain that doesnt show

See the clown in the circus
Looting laughter is his life’s purpose
Making the mickey out of himself
Face bright as his nose
To pride and dignity oblivious
But they say a clown has the saddest of faces
Upturning his pout he braces
For the war of laughter
The same acts,
Decided parts
Dictated in his life’s chapter

And such too is the crown’s facade
Encrusted with rare and radiant gems
Memento of regalia,
adorning royal names
The path to it paved by blood and bone
Yet once possessed, once won
None praises her beauty
But the one,crowning whom is her duty

Open your soul’s eye
See beyond the mundane
Their is a hint of lie in written truth
And moments of truth in a lie


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