Do not dare to venture
Into the maze of iron fences
The paint on them
The red of blood
Do not mistake it for the hue of love
There is no paradise beyond this inferno
But the endless purgatory of unrequited love
There is no such thing as love
In the hearts of these green faced goblins
They are experts at garble
And cruel like the queen of hearts
Who wrenches your heart out
And locks them away
There is no such thing as true love’s kiss
To ascertain your realisation of bliss
If cursed with livind death
Wonded by those iron shards
You will stay frozen in time
And never awaken
Oh do not open those gracious wings
To shelter ingrates from rain and snow
Close your ears to the lullaby
You will awake from your dreamless sleep
To find your wings severed
And you will never fly again


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