I too had a love story


Hearts,flowers and more?
I had it all
May be not bouquets
Of roses,lilies and orchids
But the rose petals
Treasured in my book
Speak of my past amour
May be not sunsets or sunrises
We watched across life’s horizon
Each other’s prizes and failures
Faced it all
Together in a world of our own
May be I held on too tight
And may be,
He a little light
Whatever the reason
I had to let it go
And now I am waiting
Feelings in prison
Wondering if it was meant to be
Be it the fury
Or the deadly wyvern
It shall not flee astern
Love…. Thats meant to be mine
Like homebound bird will return
But if I wait to no avail
I shall live to tell the tale
But never sorry
That I too had a love story


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