Foolish girl


She says
she is so in love
And he keeps her happy
I wonder
For how long?
Foolish girl
Doesn’t she know?
‘love’ is a collosal fiction
In this mundane realm of our existence

She stays up at night
Cutting out paper hearts
With that creepy dazed look in her eyes!
Yeah! I remember
The beautiful hand cut heart confettis
I had put in that ring box
The ring he threw,back at my face
Foolish girl
Doesnt she know?
She will be using the same knife
To cut open her vein
To let her tears mingle with blood
And carry away her pain

She sleeps at night
Holding her pillow
Probably dreaming of his arms
Foolish girl
doesnt she know?
Those arms will one day strangle her heart

Foolish girl
Doesnt she know?
There is no such thing as love here
Just dicks and lust
Semen and men
Sex is all thats echt
Love is just the misleading prologue
To a man’s bed


7 thoughts on “Foolish girl”

  1. Never did I question your writing.
    But now I just wanted you to say that
    All are not alike and Its not an “‘love’ is a collosal fiction”
    Some time the things happen opposite and we get betrayed and turn into “Foolish Boy”


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