You are on fire
And its burning your senses
The smoke clogs your veins
Does it let you think
Before you spit venom?
The burnt charcoal dust of your wrath

Glitter and glamour
All around you in a frenzy
Oh must it feel to be them?
You stare at those limousines
And find it hard to blink out of greed

Ten more minutes
Five more
Hit on the snooze button
As if that stops time?
Stacks of work to be done
And you are slouching at the bottom
Of the heap
Did you ever hear of a successful sloth?

Check her out
From head to toe
Stop a little more at her breasts
And rate her jugs
Ask her to leave with you
Doest consent?
Rape her!
A loving wife at home
But  love comes after your lust

You laugh
Because she is ugly
Because he is black
Because she is poor
And her father sells tack
Your smile is more like a sneer
Arrogance pours out of your skin
And that will rot your hide

I can never lose
So he will never win
Oh,thats not determination
But spite
Imagine the blow and the cruel envy
When he does win
Leaving you behind

Munching and munching
Double chin wobbling
Where does all that food go?
It lines your pot belly
And someday you will choke and croak
What took you?

We are the seven
Cardinal sins
At the back of your mind
Closing in
Seeping into you through cracks
On your skin

Wont you let us in?


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