Dark love


He speaks of death
In a tone of incredible nonchalance

Arent you afraid of death?

He smiles a cold smile
That doesnt reach his eyes

Why should I be
Of my slave?
It kills for my pleasure
And I,
For you,
For love

Fear tied my tongue
For me…..?
I stuttered
I masked my parched throat with honey

I have never demanded a life my sweet
Your love is all I seek

His eyes flashed  ice
I could see demons lurking behind
His mask of calm civility

Is that what you seek?
My love?
In his bed?

No! I never!
I cried vehemently
I couldn’t blink back angry tears
Why are his dark eyes so blind to my love?

And he raised a finger to my pale lips
With illustrous benevolence
He poured me a drink
Was I forgiven?
I gulped down sheer relief

I tried to say thank you
And gurgled out blood
The poison of his dark dark love
Took my breath away
And the Earth let me go

I lay there shivering
A butterfly
Fluttering in the spider’s web
And he sang to me
Sweet melancholy
Filling my ears
With his dark dark love


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