Angel of death


A million dozen milestones
Breaking apart
Crumbling into dust
All that I had built
All that I had hoped

Is this the end of my world?
Is this apocalypse?
The tremor in my heart
Threatening to desecrate
every stairway to apogee
and reduce every skyscraper undergirded by dreams into a cenotaph
Rending the spigot my tears spill
Plunging my world into tartarus
Eternally sable,forever damned

Despite of the blindfold devoid of sight
I can see the dark halo oozing purple
And hear the ghastly beat of your dance
I can feel the riffle of wind
When you stir the air
with gargantuan wings
Wings that bleed black
into the midnight sky
Unfold into a glorious expanse
To eclipse the milky way

Yet you dither
on the edge of my conscious
my pleas ricochett of your orbed eyes
You delve in my dreams
I wake up to find a single
black feather on my bed
As soft as the kiss
u graced on my forehead

Night after night of ravenous hunger
Clashing and clawing
at the walls that bind me
Pacifying the curmudgeon inside me
Burning in the fire of excruciating hatred
Yet failing to spark a beam of hope
In this excoriated body
By heavens forsaken
Adrift in a state of comatose apostasy

I seek salvation at your feet
Let those dark wings unflur joy in me
Open your arms to me beloved
Cloister me in your embrace
Touch my pale lips with yours
Bathe them with the blood
on your mouth
Let your tongue sneak in
And draw my soul away
Bless me with the kiss of death
Cradle my face
Drink my tears
feast on my soul
I am your devotee
I will meet your gaze
Unflinching without fear or rage

I will smile and ask
Have u come for me atlast?
My angel of death


Clink clank


My office cubicle
Is full of noise
Tickling my senses
With their tantalising tinkle
The occasional humming
Of the handy refrigerator
And the desperate beeping of my pager
Darn! That attention whore!
The squeaking of doors
Conplaining about lack of rest
The rhythmic tap rap of my keys
Droning on and on about boring things
And the constant clink clank
Inside my head
Where ideas and words trudge around
Putting my patience to test
I should squash them on a paper
And get rid of these pestering pests

Beautiful life



Heartaches and heartbreaks
Treachery and misery
Loneliness and sickness
Music and panic
Birth and death
All thats good
And all thats bad
Thats what life is
And life is beautiful
For all those who think
They can take it no more
For all those afraid
Ready to give up
Have u seen
A butterfly flapping its fragile wings
In a blink of shimmering colour
Do you not know
It was once an ugly caterpillar?
Have you ever danced in the rain?
And set asail paper boats
In a seascape drain?
Have you ever felt the tiny hands of a baby clutch at your fingers?
Doesn’t that fill your heart with love and joy?
Have you ever looked at
meadows of spring
Leaves of the fall
Flakes of the winter
And wondered who made this world so wondrous?
If you have then you must know
The master painter gave you this life
A silent canvas
to paint with eloquent hues
Because life is beautiful
And those who havnt seen or felt
You must stop and taste
The nectar of life
Before you say the grapes are sour
And walk away