Beautiful life



Heartaches and heartbreaks
Treachery and misery
Loneliness and sickness
Music and panic
Birth and death
All thats good
And all thats bad
Thats what life is
And life is beautiful
For all those who think
They can take it no more
For all those afraid
Ready to give up
Have u seen
A butterfly flapping its fragile wings
In a blink of shimmering colour
Do you not know
It was once an ugly caterpillar?
Have you ever danced in the rain?
And set asail paper boats
In a seascape drain?
Have you ever felt the tiny hands of a baby clutch at your fingers?
Doesn’t that fill your heart with love and joy?
Have you ever looked at
meadows of spring
Leaves of the fall
Flakes of the winter
And wondered who made this world so wondrous?
If you have then you must know
The master painter gave you this life
A silent canvas
to paint with eloquent hues
Because life is beautiful
And those who havnt seen or felt
You must stop and taste
The nectar of life
Before you say the grapes are sour
And walk away


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