The ridiculous labels





While the social networking sites are flooding with “zonal” humor, phrases like “friendzone” “friends with benefits” are sneaking into urbane dictionary. If I were to label these phrases, I would label them as “labels”.Arent they?
If a girl refuses to take a relationship further than friendship its called” friendzoning”. This classification manages to throw a very mean light on the girl

All right lets just stop and ask,” does a friendship or intersexual relation always have to end in a cock-cunt association?”
Was there a previous agreement regarding where the relationship was heading?Is the girl REALLY obliged to say YES?
Come to think of it,if she said yes to all her friends wouldn’t she AGAIN be labelled a slut??
So whats so mean about it when she says”I dnt look at you that way”? And where is the freaking devoer to do so?

And all that fuss about ” trying to break out of a friendzone” ,pardon the cliche but a friend IS an indispensable part of life.Β  if you arent comfortable with being a friend call it quits! Whats with all that bitching?

And then ” friends with benefits”
WHY do we have to label things that arent resolved yet….that may be are on the way to something deeper…may be growing??
How do u define it when,
You adore him, respect him,are sexually attracted towards him, care for him,need him but you are not just ready for the big step cause you cant trust him or yourself enough?
Friends with benefits?? Are you kidding me?
See…all relationships cant be defined and they dont need to be.we are HUMANS with complex cellular structure and even more complex sentimental mechanism
Why do we need to be labelled when we dont need to be sitting on supermarket shelves, labelled for consumer convenience?
And how can we label relations,emotions so superficially and yet take ages to understand them,justify them?

Lets just leave labelling at supermarkets and labs and GROW UP.


21 thoughts on “The ridiculous labels”

  1. You are wrong about the concept of “friendzone”. A guy isn’t friendzoned if a girl says no. He becomes friendzoned when the girl uses him for wrong motives. Let’s say a guy likes a girl and she knows it. And she knowing the very fact still hangs out with him the same way and gets his hopes up by giving wrong signals. Your hatred for men has come to a stage where you don’t see reason and just bash out at everything you can. Just because you were wronged by a guy doesn’t mean everyone is the same.


    1. I am glad “everyone isnt the same” …and wrong signals happen when the communication isnt appropriate…why cant there b a clear two way option? Like…take it or leave it?
      And why do we have to call it “friendzoning” if she doesnt want things to change?

      And pardon,do you know me ? Since you are talking about “my experience with men”.


    2. And I took the pain of reading about friendzone on Wikipedia… it says “friendzone refers to a platonic relationship where in one person,most commonly a man wishes to be in a sexual/romantic relation while the other doesnt”

      I appreciate that you read what I had to say and glad you came up with a opinion…. I wouldnt say your opinion was wrong…may b we perceive things in a different way and do forgive my limited knowledge about “friendzone” I ve never been in it

      Happy blogging! πŸ™‚


  2. Okay. Let’s agree with your definition of friendzone. But what you’ve written is utterly biased and makes the girls look like absolute saints. And the tone in your article suggests you have been wronged by a guy. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. All I’m saying is open up your mind and look at things from different perceptives rather than searching for reasons to hate on guys. I agree that the term friendzone is mysoginistic but there can be and are examples where the girl is more at fault for making the guy feel more for her and get shit in return. And when you write such biased things other girls who’ve been wronged read this,will have more hatred for men. Is it really fair ?


    1. Life aint fair so I dnt see the compulsion to b fair all the time πŸ™‚ and this post was bout labels nt men….where hav I suggested only men use labels? I guess you are taking this a tad bit too personally.


  3. Firstly, you yourself make the point of the article look like fuck men,they are morons
    Secondly,theres not one person in this world who uses the term friendzone the way you pertain it to be. It’s always used lightly and in a fun way. And it doesn’t throw “a very mean light on the girl”. Nobody thinks anything wrong about the girl. You’re way too serious about something which is nothing. As I already said,you are searching for reasons to hate men.
    Thirdly, If this hurts you so bad(which being ridiculous), have you ever not labelled anybody? “Hey look at that guy he’s so fat/so gay looking/ so ugly”.
    Stop with the hypocrisy already. Don’t just write stuff cause you are bored.


    1. Listen mr you are pissing me off. I accept criticism nt assholism.
      May b it looks like fuck men they are morons because u are a moron.??
      And no nobody thinks wrong about the girl so why did u so kindly point out that “girls use the guy for wrong motives”
      And do not judge me by reading a single post.
      And it doesnt hurt me. Do I look like I was crying my eyes out on the post?
      And what do you know about me to state so blantantly on a blog post that m a hypocrite?
      And oh…i write because I am bored? Lets see you writing something because you want to write?
      And this is a blog post.not a personal letter that I shoved up your nose.
      So move on.


  4. The part about “friendzone” is blatantly preposterous.
    “Girls use guys for wrong motives” . Okay. I used that to go with the flow of your dubious meaning of friendzone,in which way you simply can’t understand. So I put it in another way which got you hurt because i pointed out the fact calling you a hypocrite.
    So, you continue with your bashing of “labels” even if the ones which are meant for humor and not hurt anybody. And the world will continue using the term “friendzone”. (Which btw doesn’t hurt them nor makes the world a bad place)
    Happy Writing!


  5. Ooh maddie..!! You don’t need to justify for what you wrote. And as i see Mr. Xyz taking it to a different level… As on an previous blog there was an misunderstanding between us.. Me saying that why always boys are kept in lime light. And later you made me feel that what i said was totally wrong. And you kept it clear that as you are an lady author your blogs come in that tone.. But in this blog which i read 5 times dint find any indication towards any particular sex.. What written is all true and you had presented the mean labels to its proper mean. So you don’t need to explain it.. And Mr. Xyz judge people basing on blogs. Great talent. And one more thing if shez listening to all your shit and trying to explain you properly doesn’t mean that you will say anything to her.. 1st learn how to respect her.


  6. Like seriously. That makes me sick as well.
    Even in some relationships, when things don’t work one way..n u gotta stay apart.. One says to the other: can u not be my friend..?!
    Like y! If u want to be a a friend.. Y is this “removing/adding d tag” so important. Y d announcement is so necessary.. N y one has to be known to the other by some name. I mean a name is okay. But is it so important that as soon as a person couldn’t be “something” to you, she has to be “something else”..
    N to be frank, guys reign this arena of nomenclature! Sicko!

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    1. There was a time when I tried to la bel things….puzzled me when I couldnt….then I realised names wer stupid not the feelings I had πŸ™‚
      And I ve no idea why the announcement is so necessary…. why you have to b smthing specific…;/


  7. Hey Dr.S,
    I don’t know u just as u don’t know AphroditeAnderson. Well..just an answer please: who’s being serious, huh?
    Doesn’t take a genius to know that either. Well, good luck screwing your own mind. πŸ™‚


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