Pages of pain


I taste tears in my dry eyes
Leafing through the pages,
Pages of my memory
The screams,The cries
The lies,the storms
The pages of pain
Bleed my blood
I close the book
Stitch my wounds
They ll never bleed intervention
Nor will they oppugn destiny again
The story wasn’t mine
It was hers to tell
I deserve a story
Constellated by fortune’s brightest stars
Not these pages of pain.


The quest


I looked for myself
In my reflection,
Rubbing away smudges of mascara
But the stain had seeped in
Too deep
And I chafed my skin

I looked for myself
In the strewn ashes of my sooty lungs
And in bottles of liquid oblivion
But they helped me escape
Into lanes of lost land
And promised no return

I looked for myself
In the crumpled sheets and smeared sweat
Of miscellaneous men
But the nights are blurrs
Of mindless mechanical marathons,
Heady and veneral
And I cant recollect
If I felt a trace of something stirring in me
beyond the carnal heat

So I gave it all up
And looked for myself
In the eyes of death
And all I saw,
Was you
The only aliquot of life
That breathed within me.