Spawning magic


I am lost in the opalescent galaxy
Frozen on your canvas
As if all the stars in the sky
Paused their twinkling
And stood rooted to their spots
While you meticulously plucked
the best of them
And sprinkled them on the velvet night
You painted with the darkest black
Flushed with blended violet
To call it art,
Would be blasphemy;
A portal to the pinnacle of universe is not art
But creation invoked by the unearthly
So I call it magic,
For I have seen the constellations
You traced on my skin
Winking in your eyes,
Your silver glazed fingers reaping stars
So I call it magic
For I have caught you
Spawning magic on my fragile paper heart


No promises


You can make me laugh
When I havent smiled in a while
You make life seem easy
And I dont have to try to be happy

I am broken
I am scared
I cant look future in the eye
And ask for forever
When I know forever is a lie
Just hold my hand
I cross my heart and hope to die
I wont ask for more

Dont promise me forever
Dont promise me the moon and the stars
Right here,right now
Take me in your arms
And let me love you with all that I am

Sunset and sunrise
Snow and wind
Let us live whatever we can
No promises
Just hold me to sleep tonight
And be there when I open my eyes

The worth of our breaths


We watch our kind
Butchering eachother
Living off one another’s flesh
And blink our shutters
Then go on about our lives

Those of us who cry;
Why are we not able to
Flood this filthy clay-sphere
Encrusted with rotting flesh,
Rusting skeletons
And flush the stench of death away?

Those of us who walk on ;
those bones Crunching under our feet
Blood and mucus stuck to our soles
Where are we trying to reach?
This is a goddamned circle-
You tear your way out of flesh
And breathe misery and greed in
Untill the earth takes back
Your meat suit

Yeah we all have our numbers
Upgraded to trillions,zillions,gazillions
Some of us rub our taste buds off
Counting cash
But I wonder
When we will be successful enough
To weigh the worth of our breaths

Along the curves of the clock


I wish I could hijack time
And hasten it along the curves of the clock
Grab my wings from the depth of its paunch
I wish I could stoke my heart
And flare up the kindling passion
That warms my breath
In the coldest of my night
I wish I could let it go
And let you see,
Be selfindulgent enough to ask you to wait
Even when I dont know
How long it takes,
How long does it take for the heart
To sync its beats?
How long does it take for nightmares
To turn into dreams?
How long does it take for feathers
To grow on scalded wings?
But how can I ask you to wait
When you have already mapped your footsteps?
How can I ask you to love me again
When you have already started to forget?
I can only keep walking
Along the curves of the clock
Hoping it leads to where our orbit intertwine



I see your desperate attempts
Flailing hands trying to clutch at
Defunct trails of our moments
While you abdurately try to drive me away
Hurting me,
Keeping me at bay
Wallowing in drunken doldrums
Needles and drugs
Whatever that burns
Ashening your senses
Are you trying to metaphorically
Burn away my traces??
I am underneath your skin
Pulsing through your veins,
While you dig your grave
And call it rave!!
Well honey,
I am the antidote to all your poison
What makes you think
Drugs can cure you of me??



I have seen your face
Heard your voice in my sleep
Ached for your arms
Curled up On your side of the bed
Refusing to let go and weep
Promised myself everyday,Without fail;
One day I will laugh
At the scary semblance of your ghosts
And they will go up in smokes
But then I saw you today
And you said hello
Every syllable you spoke
Plunged into my heart like fingers
That pushed my rib bones aside
Fishing out all the emotions I had burried
Disbelief,that I could look into your eyes again
Wonder,that your voice still sounds the same
Need,for a place in your arms
Hunger,for the taste of your lips
Thirst ,for the salt on your skin
And fear,that I might just give in
And pain
That I have to smile
Pose indifference while I choke on my tears inside
And regret
That I have to say
“nice meeting you”
While the memories of us
Drag me back to gehenna
Chains of mistakes and regrets
And shackles of love
Keeping me from breaking away