I have seen your face
Heard your voice in my sleep
Ached for your arms
Curled up On your side of the bed
Refusing to let go and weep
Promised myself everyday,Without fail;
One day I will laugh
At the scary semblance of your ghosts
And they will go up in smokes
But then I saw you today
And you said hello
Every syllable you spoke
Plunged into my heart like fingers
That pushed my rib bones aside
Fishing out all the emotions I had burried
Disbelief,that I could look into your eyes again
Wonder,that your voice still sounds the same
Need,for a place in your arms
Hunger,for the taste of your lips
Thirst ,for the salt on your skin
And fear,that I might just give in
And pain
That I have to smile
Pose indifference while I choke on my tears inside
And regret
That I have to say
“nice meeting you”
While the memories of us
Drag me back to gehenna
Chains of mistakes and regrets
And shackles of love
Keeping me from breaking away


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