Aphrodite and The lady ~~~collab 1


Oh Aphrodite! behold
The stream of blood from my eyes
The remorseful bleed of lost love
Half my existence a cold pained effort
The effort to live a dream
A dream filled with lust
Lust with agitation
Building castles of our exploding passion
His firm hands stroking my softness
His bare eyes stripping my skin
My life,ingrained in falsehood
Will this thirst be satiated?
Life ends when it comes full a circle
Will mine ever be whole?

           Look how selene fights darkness
           untill she reigns the night
           in all her glory;
           no tale is left incomplete
           Nor will yours be
           Mould your dreams
           with constancy
            Untill you blurr the contour
           And let it flow and flood reality
           There is no remorse in love
           Love is never lost
           Under the gaze of my eyes
           It only evaporates off
           Scalded skin
           And rains down as anodyne
           Bleed you may,
           Untill purged of falsehood
           But you shall find the truth
          Greater than the doctrine
          Of divine universe
          In the quiddity of your soul’s mate

The goddess of love
My guardian spirit
My love is as deep as your promise
And so it shall stay as long as you
Its none but you,
who withstands the sands of time
Your words promise to me existence
And I will let them be my antidote
You announce ,
there is no remorse in love
And perhaps there is not
For pain is a master illusionist
And so I am as good as he ;
Who is sans eyes or ears
And sans all sense
You cite her strength
But her shine is assumed
And so her struggle, fruitless
For she lives a borrowed life
The night is alluring,angelic
But it brings a bitter sweet joy home
The beauty against the pain
I drink it like venom:
the venom my elixir
And joy it gives me
A joy I cant comprehend
Perhaps my conscious
has tamed the pain
Or the pain tamed my conscious,
Made me its own
We are two wholes fused into one
Incomplete within
But for now,i am pain’s possession
And the pain-my mate

              Alas! I cant relieve you of pain
              for I have heard whispers
              of angels in my abode;
              pain is the price humans pay
              For the weight they bear
             On the bosom of gaia
              But I am exultant
              That the pain my sting inflicts
               Is the sweetest of all
              And thus you lust for it
              Be it venom,you call it elixir
              Pain and love
         Are the equipose of your existence
            There is no pain without love,
            No pain sans soul
             For your soul
            Is the root of your humanity
           And thus,all the suffering
           Tell me child,
           Would you give up your soul?


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