All kinds of broken


This fight has to end,

this battle that I fight,

Locked in your arms every night

The tug of war

between resolve and desire

your gaze hovering on my closed lids

like a vulture waiting for its prey,

waiting for me to drop my guard

and i will my heart ,

to calm its thundering beats

Then in the sweet haze of sleep

I bask in the warmth of your breath

And mist of your lips

This fight has to end

Cowardice is not victory

Love and life ,not dichotomy

How can I keep myself from dreaming?

How long can I lie in your arms,

Not cracking a vertebrae,


As much as I love my heart

Forgive me,for i love adventures more

I would rather give away my heart

Over and over again

Untill its all kinds of broken

And cheer for the one,

Who lands the deadliest blow

I would rather bury its remains

with an eulogy of loving memories,

Streaming tears,

Proud pomp and show

Than trap my poor heart in a cage

for the rest of its days

And cut off its wings

What if it gives up hope

And stops fluttering?


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