Beautiful nightmare


You crash on the shore of my subconscious

cresting on the waves of sleep,

Quenching the undeniable concupisence

that implodes in my bosom,

thrilled by a mere glimpse

Yes you are beautiful,

My memories and fabrications confluent

to give you your aesthetic form

Your flaws camouflaged by my love,

Indiscernible and irrelevant

Yes you are beautiful,

Beautiful as long as I dream,

Welcome in my thoughts

as long as I sleep

when I open my eyes

You fade into the imbroglio of my heart,

Immersed within unshed tears,

Burried under discarded thoughts,

An etiolated silhouette of the past

Until I rest,,

Until i let you

out of the locket of my chest

Every morning I break a litlle,

A lament thudding in my heart

as it lollops,

Every beat sedulous

Ashamed I admit,

It hurts a little

to realise with every rising sun

That I dream of what will never come true,

That as jaded as I am,

I am still in love with you




Why do you pull me close

untill I am standing on the edge of my resolve’s precipice,

Ready to plummet into the abyss of your stygian soul?

Oh cruelty !

when you do not intend to catch me when i fall?

Why do you weave webs for me

And disappear at the selvage?


why do you run?

you said I streaked across your starless sky

like a blazing comet


Did the brilliance blind you?

Why do you push me off

then push me back,

Flaunting the escutcheon you have borne

to guard your heart?

Fie on you!

Listless lover!

Go lie dormant

In the prison of your ribcage

while senescence picks your bones

I need no pushing,

I have got my breadcrumbs of heartbreak

and I can find my way back home

Little things


My memories form a maze inside my head

I dont know what unravels at the centre

But the roads are strewn with your face,your voice,your words,

little things pebbled under my feet,

Asking me what happened

to those whispered promises,

Collaborated dreams,

Stolen kisses and sleepless nights

why are we so away from each other

that with every step i take

I scatter pieces of me in the wind,

Hoping they will find their way back to you

Why do I ache for those forgotten tales to be retold?

Why do I still answer to those names

that are lost in time,

Echoing in voiceless breeze?

Why do I remember

Every syllable you spoke,

Every inch you kissed,

Every instance you smiled,

and every letter you wrote?

May be because with you

Life wasnt months and years

but minutes of love and moments with you

And I loved you for everything you stood for,

The essence that you brought into my life

And all the little things

Blessed bed of doom


Ask the sea how it longes to be placid

Ask the desert how it thirsts for rain

Ask the Earth how it wishes to rest

And ask me how i have waited for this day;

This day that begins

with the sun shinning on your flawless face,

The lingering sleep in your topaz eyes

reflecting my dreams

In the honey strokes of its depth,

Lush lips curved in a smile

That made silent promises of petard passion,

our limbs tangled like ivy binding me to you

while the warmth of your embrace takes my breath away

I have yearned for you so

that I have held my breath choking on my hopes,

Such is my thirst

that i do not dare blink lest you disappear

Like a mirage in the desert;

So while you slept in my arms

I begged the night to stall

And traced every perfect inch of you with my eyes,

memorised all the planes and all the angels with my fingertips,

Waiting for this miracle on my blessed bed to spell my doom

But you wiped my tears

and whispered in my ear-

” I can never bear to be parted from you”