Blessed bed of doom


Ask the sea how it longes to be placid

Ask the desert how it thirsts for rain

Ask the Earth how it wishes to rest

And ask me how i have waited for this day;

This day that begins

with the sun shinning on your flawless face,

The lingering sleep in your topaz eyes

reflecting my dreams

In the honey strokes of its depth,

Lush lips curved in a smile

That made silent promises of petard passion,

our limbs tangled like ivy binding me to you

while the warmth of your embrace takes my breath away

I have yearned for you so

that I have held my breath choking on my hopes,

Such is my thirst

that i do not dare blink lest you disappear

Like a mirage in the desert;

So while you slept in my arms

I begged the night to stall

And traced every perfect inch of you with my eyes,

memorised all the planes and all the angels with my fingertips,

Waiting for this miracle on my blessed bed to spell my doom

But you wiped my tears

and whispered in my ear-

” I can never bear to be parted from you”


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