Little things


My memories form a maze inside my head

I dont know what unravels at the centre

But the roads are strewn with your face,your voice,your words,

little things pebbled under my feet,

Asking me what happened

to those whispered promises,

Collaborated dreams,

Stolen kisses and sleepless nights

why are we so away from each other

that with every step i take

I scatter pieces of me in the wind,

Hoping they will find their way back to you

Why do I ache for those forgotten tales to be retold?

Why do I still answer to those names

that are lost in time,

Echoing in voiceless breeze?

Why do I remember

Every syllable you spoke,

Every inch you kissed,

Every instance you smiled,

and every letter you wrote?

May be because with you

Life wasnt months and years

but minutes of love and moments with you

And I loved you for everything you stood for,

The essence that you brought into my life

And all the little things


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