Beautiful nightmare


You crash on the shore of my subconscious

cresting on the waves of sleep,

Quenching the undeniable concupisence

that implodes in my bosom,

thrilled by a mere glimpse

Yes you are beautiful,

My memories and fabrications confluent

to give you your aesthetic form

Your flaws camouflaged by my love,

Indiscernible and irrelevant

Yes you are beautiful,

Beautiful as long as I dream,

Welcome in my thoughts

as long as I sleep

when I open my eyes

You fade into the imbroglio of my heart,

Immersed within unshed tears,

Burried under discarded thoughts,

An etiolated silhouette of the past

Until I rest,,

Until i let you

out of the locket of my chest

Every morning I break a litlle,

A lament thudding in my heart

as it lollops,

Every beat sedulous

Ashamed I admit,

It hurts a little

to realise with every rising sun

That I dream of what will never come true,

That as jaded as I am,

I am still in love with you


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