Cold girl


On the coldest night

of the winter in yesteryear

When the frozen heart of heaven shed tears,

She sat on a stranger’s front porch

nursing a broken heart

or perhaps mourning the sinking land

shrouded,To rest beneath the snow

On that stormy night

lost in the deep dark woods

Cold and lonely

She couldn’t find her way home

She wandered throughout the night

tripping over roots and stones

She wandered deep and far

Winter melted away

and so did summer

Then the trees fell asleep in the fall

and she walked on untill one day

the woods opened to a gravelled road

She scapered along it

Steady and sure as a deer

Her home,she believed was near

The woods had turned her wild

And like birds that return to their nests

No matter how far they have flown

Just that way she found her home

The poor cold girl was no less in spirit now

than the brightest of stars

No less flaming than the flamboyant sun

She was no longer bothered by snow

because a heart that has been frozen

And a soul that has shaken it off

can not be turned to ice

by the coldest of nights to come


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