Aphrodite and Deb~~~~~~collab 3


A soul brimming with life

came forth to this world

that intended to bind,

where wars seemed to be rife,

While peace was the first syllable

on people’s mind

Divulged into a life of pain

where love was found to be a mask,

The skies opened up for an envious rain

while hatred had a devilish task

The soul now touched with evil,

Tainted  with fear,

Devoid of zeal

was caged in its own skin,

Crippled by sin


perhaps of love

or perhaps humanity I gave it my spirit,

tried to conjure it

And exalt it to its epiphany


A little faith and alacrity

But the poison of its septic existence

had eviscerated its essence,

The dead can not be healed

My spirit swirled around its corpse

Then faded away into wasteful nothingness


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