Flames and kisses~~~~ collab 5~~~Specter and Aphrodite


Specter:     Released from my physical bonds

I was damned to enter my purgatory ,

Travelling the endless expanse of misty grey,

I stared up at the countless mirrors

reflecting a dark stare with hollow eyes

sinister shadows followed me

And I heard the souls scream;

I knew there was no waking up from this cursed dream

and amidst these chaos and pain

I see you yet again!

Deep inside me the agonising despair of lovers rumble

I dont know why I keep coming back to you,

to that sullen place

You made my heart melt

Then burn into a raging fire,

Your lips obliterate those flames,

My only true essence

Just as you had snapped and swallowed the child in me,

My Earthly innocence

Aphrodite:   The moment stops when our                                            eyes meet

There is perhaps hatred in yours and discreet pain,

I have wandered on in this maze of putrescent souls

For eternities together in vain

But now it feels like I have arrived at the designed end

A part of me had died long before,

Long before when I said goodbye,

And here I see you yet again;

Adrift in this dark purlieu of souls,

Embracing an end without you

Has spiked my wounds with your tears

And my blood tastes of your pain

The darkness I gifted you ,

Its shadow binds me to this purgatory,

Remnants of our shredded love binds me to you

And I wet the shrivelled and torn pages of our unfinished story,

If only heaven forsaken abominable creatures could pray

I would pray for forgiveness

If only hellbound souls could wish

I would wish for you to expunge my existence

With one last kiss of love

And one last touch of tenderness


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