Mad Hatter

Of course loving her is hard

Writers are difficult to love 

and she is one of those mad hatter kind,

Pulls words out of her hat

Squeezing and wringing her heart,

Riddles and questions she doesnt know the answer to

You will never know what she is thinking 

For she sees the world

through the sad eyes of a poet,

Nightmares of rabbitholes 

Rainfall as tears

The angel of death, a lover

and people as monsters 

You will never know if you could ever love her enough

Because she never reveals her depth 

and with every line that she writes 

Her emotions and heartaches seem to resonate

from a much deeper abyss of her love

Its puzzling, isnt it?

To look at her staring at something far off,lost

and wonder if she wants to be there with you

Does the hint of darkness in her bother you? 

The way her presence itself seems to cloud over 

and mark her territory 

The last poem she wrote about a recreant lover,

Did it scare you?

Of course she is hard to love,

She gets in your head and on your nerves,

The mad hatter with her wand of insanity

If you pay heed to her scribbles 

If only you have the courage to stay 

May be you could solve her riddles

and help her write a fairytale 

where the evil queen gets a happy ending




I believe in magic
I see shooting stars and snowfall
and it feels like this enchanted planet
For a moment,
Lost control over its power
Or perhaps, just let go,
Gave us a sign,
So we could believe in miracles
So we would never lose hope