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The art of war


I have always been distrustful,
Skeptical of people’s affections and intentions
Less because of the arrows along my spine
And more because of my rose-coloured eyes,
Discoloured now;
But I have learnt to trust
Not them,
Myself,that no betrayal would break me
My corporality is not built upon the mosaics of their being

I have always been territorial,
Ferociously protective of what is mine
And look how those demarcative thorns
Marred  the beauty
So I learnt to lower the weapons
But I havn’t forgotten the art of war
I will destroy you
If you cross the line




It doesn’t have to be skillful strokes of a paintbrush,
A blank canvas would love
even the abstract splashes of colours on it
It doesnt have to be a particular kind
to be perfect

You ask me what is art,

The stain of blood in the creases of my fingers
And spilled ink

Flames and kisses~~~~ collab 5~~~Specter and Aphrodite


Specter:     Released from my physical bonds

I was damned to enter my purgatory ,

Travelling the endless expanse of misty grey,

I stared up at the countless mirrors

reflecting a dark stare with hollow eyes

sinister shadows followed me

And I heard the souls scream;

I knew there was no waking up from this cursed dream

and amidst these chaos and pain

I see you yet again!

Deep inside me the agonising despair of lovers rumble

I dont know why I keep coming back to you,

to that sullen place

You made my heart melt

Then burn into a raging fire,

Your lips obliterate those flames,

My only true essence

Just as you had snapped and swallowed the child in me,

My Earthly innocence

Aphrodite:   The moment stops when our                                            eyes meet

There is perhaps hatred in yours and discreet pain,

I have wandered on in this maze of putrescent souls

For eternities together in vain

But now it feels like I have arrived at the designed end

A part of me had died long before,

Long before when I said goodbye,

And here I see you yet again;

Adrift in this dark purlieu of souls,

Embracing an end without you

Has spiked my wounds with your tears

And my blood tastes of your pain

The darkness I gifted you ,

Its shadow binds me to this purgatory,

Remnants of our shredded love binds me to you

And I wet the shrivelled and torn pages of our unfinished story,

If only heaven forsaken abominable creatures could pray

I would pray for forgiveness

If only hellbound souls could wish

I would wish for you to expunge my existence

With one last kiss of love

And one last touch of tenderness

A thousand showers of rain


Rain patters against my window

It will stay locked,

like it always does

Until the tormenting noise slowly fades away,

The blindsiding lightening illuminates

the sinister face of my captor,

His sinful laughter

echoed by the ominous thunder

His groping hands on my wet skin

and his savage teeth on my flesh,

A thousand showers of rain

but the memory refuses to wash away

The wounds have healed

The scars have faded

yet my fear stinks of his boozehound breath,

Rain patters against my window

I cower in the dark wishing it would go away

Beautiful nightmare


You crash on the shore of my subconscious

cresting on the waves of sleep,

Quenching the undeniable concupisence

that implodes in my bosom,

thrilled by a mere glimpse

Yes you are beautiful,

My memories and fabrications confluent

to give you your aesthetic form

Your flaws camouflaged by my love,

Indiscernible and irrelevant

Yes you are beautiful,

Beautiful as long as I dream,

Welcome in my thoughts

as long as I sleep

when I open my eyes

You fade into the imbroglio of my heart,

Immersed within unshed tears,

Burried under discarded thoughts,

An etiolated silhouette of the past

Until I rest,,

Until i let you

out of the locket of my chest

Every morning I break a litlle,

A lament thudding in my heart

as it lollops,

Every beat sedulous

Ashamed I admit,

It hurts a little

to realise with every rising sun

That I dream of what will never come true,

That as jaded as I am,

I am still in love with you

Spawning magic


I am lost in the opalescent galaxy
Frozen on your canvas
As if all the stars in the sky
Paused their twinkling
And stood rooted to their spots
While you meticulously plucked
the best of them
And sprinkled them on the velvet night
You painted with the darkest black
Flushed with blended violet
To call it art,
Would be blasphemy;
A portal to the pinnacle of universe is not art
But creation invoked by the unearthly
So I call it magic,
For I have seen the constellations
You traced on my skin
Winking in your eyes,
Your silver glazed fingers reaping stars
So I call it magic
For I have caught you
Spawning magic on my fragile paper heart