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I have ridden the waves of passion
Cresting in your eyes,
Drowned in your tears
And surfaced on the shoreline of your dreams,
I have touched your horizon
Rising with your whirlwind
I have loved and lost myself in those eyes
My Sun shines from beneath these lids
My night falls when they do
In the shadow of your lashes
I have seen seasons changing,
I have seen glaciers melting,
Fire blazing,
Galaxies expanding
And life embracing death in your eyes
So could you look at me just once
And bring me back to life?


No promises


You can make me laugh
When I havent smiled in a while
You make life seem easy
And I dont have to try to be happy

I am broken
I am scared
I cant look future in the eye
And ask for forever
When I know forever is a lie
Just hold my hand
I cross my heart and hope to die
I wont ask for more

Dont promise me forever
Dont promise me the moon and the stars
Right here,right now
Take me in your arms
And let me love you with all that I am

Sunset and sunrise
Snow and wind
Let us live whatever we can
No promises
Just hold me to sleep tonight
And be there when I open my eyes

Unspoken vows


There are words
That echo in my silence
In this tormenting distance

Its no longer in obscure denial
No more veiled by screening pretences
Its lucent,
Crystalline pillars of sense

I do
I take you as mine
Untill the edge of doom
And end of time

Read them in my eyes
Taste them on my lips
Unspoken vows,
Fretted on my finger tips

One day,
I ll drop them in your hands
Magic dew drops
And grains of timeless sand

One day,
Before it stops
I will give you my heart
And dare to hope