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Your name on my lips

Sounds like a prayer

Held back for long

Behind gritted teeth,

Bitten tongue

Of a pretentious atheist

And in moments of bareness,

When I crumble and say it

Your name sounds like a hymn 




Why do you pull me close

untill I am standing on the edge of my resolve’s precipice,

Ready to plummet into the abyss of your stygian soul?

Oh cruelty !

when you do not intend to catch me when i fall?

Why do you weave webs for me

And disappear at the selvage?


why do you run?

you said I streaked across your starless sky

like a blazing comet


Did the brilliance blind you?

Why do you push me off

then push me back,

Flaunting the escutcheon you have borne

to guard your heart?

Fie on you!

Listless lover!

Go lie dormant

In the prison of your ribcage

while senescence picks your bones

I need no pushing,

I have got my breadcrumbs of heartbreak

and I can find my way back home