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The bulbs

The Sun doesn’t care

If it might be too harsh

For prying eyes

It doesn’t burn low on days

You want it to

The moon doesn’t light up

 Every night 

They shine, some days bright , 

Somedays lacklustre, 

They don’t have to answer for their fire 

And neither do you.



I will meet you where dew drops wet the lips of leaves,

Where clouds caress the moon,

Where rain drops fill the cracks in scarred rocks, 

Where tress hold hands beneath the ground 

I will meet you in places 

Where unconventional, unglorified lovers entwine, 

Beneath the surface, cloistered and dark 

Within the crevices of universe 

And in undiscovered galaxies 

Where our stories are sung by lost stars 

Wish upon my bone 

If only, humans had wishbones 
It would be easier 

to trap scampish desires 

Beating their way out of tired,

infiltrated rib cages

They help birds fight,

Well may be we could win the constant fight

Between what the heart wants and what it should

And may be all those times 

When we kill our own dreams 

Or watch them getting trampled 

under some other feet 

And a sigh of “only if” gets stuck in our throats 

They would get caught in our wish bones instead 

Which when pulled apart 

Will atlast let out a sigh of hope 

And make wishes come true 

One last time

I want to go through this life

Like a nebulous nebula

Of valour, strength and bright colours,

Exploring uncircumscribed orbits,

Gravitating towards destiny
Adrift, so far from this mundane world

In its shades of grey, hatred and envy,

Out of tune with its blues of rutted routines

And when I spend

All the life

Gushing through my iridescent veins

I want to die like a shooting star

Brilliant, even when it is falling

Blazing, one last time

Autumn must come soon


Chaos are beautiful,
Terrifyingly wonderful like a tornado
I Want to be caught in the wind
Like a leaf in the fall
Carefree,aimless,oblivious of where I must go
I just want to break free,
Drift and dance,
Unaware that in that moment I am part of an art
I want to live the chaos,
Watch them unfold into cosmic revelations
Oh! How I miss the voices in my head
Humming through my solitude
How I plead,autumn must come soon
For every person we love
Is but shackles and chains cutting into tender skin
And I am bound to what would someday
Shake me off when I am dry
For something green

A thousand showers of rain


Rain patters against my window

It will stay locked,

like it always does

Until the tormenting noise slowly fades away,

The blindsiding lightening illuminates

the sinister face of my captor,

His sinful laughter

echoed by the ominous thunder

His groping hands on my wet skin

and his savage teeth on my flesh,

A thousand showers of rain

but the memory refuses to wash away

The wounds have healed

The scars have faded

yet my fear stinks of his boozehound breath,

Rain patters against my window

I cower in the dark wishing it would go away

Cold girl


On the coldest night

of the winter in yesteryear

When the frozen heart of heaven shed tears,

She sat on a stranger’s front porch

nursing a broken heart

or perhaps mourning the sinking land

shrouded,To rest beneath the snow

On that stormy night

lost in the deep dark woods

Cold and lonely

She couldn’t find her way home

She wandered throughout the night

tripping over roots and stones

She wandered deep and far

Winter melted away

and so did summer

Then the trees fell asleep in the fall

and she walked on untill one day

the woods opened to a gravelled road

She scapered along it

Steady and sure as a deer

Her home,she believed was near

The woods had turned her wild

And like birds that return to their nests

No matter how far they have flown

Just that way she found her home

The poor cold girl was no less in spirit now

than the brightest of stars

No less flaming than the flamboyant sun

She was no longer bothered by snow

because a heart that has been frozen

And a soul that has shaken it off

can not be turned to ice

by the coldest of nights to come

Spawning magic


I am lost in the opalescent galaxy
Frozen on your canvas
As if all the stars in the sky
Paused their twinkling
And stood rooted to their spots
While you meticulously plucked
the best of them
And sprinkled them on the velvet night
You painted with the darkest black
Flushed with blended violet
To call it art,
Would be blasphemy;
A portal to the pinnacle of universe is not art
But creation invoked by the unearthly
So I call it magic,
For I have seen the constellations
You traced on my skin
Winking in your eyes,
Your silver glazed fingers reaping stars
So I call it magic
For I have caught you
Spawning magic on my fragile paper heart



The town is all set
For the wedding of the winter fairy
Brimming with joy the landscape awaits
The shower of snowflakes,soft and ivory

The fairy departs with her groom
Wherever she treads blossoms bloom
The cuckoo sings for her a farewell song
The trail of her wedding gown white and long
As she walks cascades along
Sweeping the ground
Sprouting greenery all around

The sun looks down on the Earth
Shining and blazing in mirth
The trees and lakes cry with thirst
Pleading the black angry clouds to burst

Sad and scorched the trees shed tears
Painting the ground with brown and yellow
Naked in glory they ride their fears
And tarry for the weather to turn mellow

The child of the river
The destined saviour
Overwhelmed by their pleas
Bursts into a shower of silver beads
Quenching the thirsts
And enlivening the draughts

The wheel of nature spins unperturbed
The seasons arrive whether or not welcomed
They come and go, nothing lasts
Yet why do we struggle with the ghosts of past?

Situations change
By gone eras leave memoirs to scavange
Bonds break and feelings wane
Whom did we lose and what did we gain?

In this world of greed and treachery
There prevails the stink of misery
People here are so transitional
The phrase”together forever”
Is almost delusional

Change is indeed life’s essence
Without it existence turns mundane
But I wish you would help me strengthen
Our bond of love to overcome evanascence

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I stretch across
Wide and lone
A forlorn expanse
A world of my own
Companions scarce
And looked at askance
Bereft of a shroud of greenery
Devoid of a veil of ivory
I lie in abeyance
My nights,cold and desolate
I gaze at the moon,desperate
I havnt slept since ages
I bid my silent friend a tearful adieu
And bear the brunt
As the feary sun blazes
The heat of hatred melting every sinew,
Every thread of hope
The portrait of my dreams hang askew
On my heart’s wall
Even as the wind blows away
pieces of me
I urge,I nag,I chivy
I beg it to bring me a pall
A pall that will cover my naked body
With a thousand diamond droplets
That will fill my eyes
With scars magically lambent
That will fill my ears
With a roar of thundering laughter
Yes,I am the Earth’s cursed daughter
I am a desert,always deserted
But I am a fighter
I will not surrender to fate
I will dream and I will wait
I am a survivor
I believe in wonders
I await a miracle
The beautiful spectacle
It will happen
I dont know when
But someday
It will rain

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