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Wish upon my bone 

If only, humans had wishbones 
It would be easier 

to trap scampish desires 

Beating their way out of tired,

infiltrated rib cages

They help birds fight,

Well may be we could win the constant fight

Between what the heart wants and what it should

And may be all those times 

When we kill our own dreams 

Or watch them getting trampled 

under some other feet 

And a sigh of “only if” gets stuck in our throats 

They would get caught in our wish bones instead 

Which when pulled apart 

Will atlast let out a sigh of hope 

And make wishes come true 


People we call broken

The people we call broken

Are more often warriors

burried under rotting carcasses

Of everything they fought for,

Stood with

They may not stir 

And light may bounce off their blank stare

But they are not gone,

Not yet

They are not broken

If they haven’t left the battlefield

Where the humus spits out more heroes

Than time can inhume.



Hold your head high
Self esteem is your claim
Let nobody deny
Climb till perihelion
Eclipse the sun
Delineate your persona
comparable to none
Stand on a pedestal and hear them praise
The servile crowd
To you their goblets raise
Then,puff not your chest
Put not yourself above the rest
But,let tears of gratitude fall
In joyful acceptance before all
For one who floats on high
Shall never conquer the sky
But shall the humble
The mountains stand firm
Even on the advent of a storm
The mightier tempest tramples it like a worm
And leaves ashes of the misplaced pride
What perspicacity do you have for pride?
You are all crushed by mortality
In the end you are skinned
Of wealth,charisma and hence vanity
Yet you fight to establish superiority
You breathe in envy
And breathe out enemity
Forget your brother
Omit any other
But does your arrogance even spare your lover?

The ridiculous labels





While the social networking sites are flooding with “zonal” humor, phrases like “friendzone” “friends with benefits” are sneaking into urbane dictionary. If I were to label these phrases, I would label them as “labels”.Arent they?
If a girl refuses to take a relationship further than friendship its called” friendzoning”. This classification manages to throw a very mean light on the girl

All right lets just stop and ask,” does a friendship or intersexual relation always have to end in a cock-cunt association?”
Was there a previous agreement regarding where the relationship was heading?Is the girl REALLY obliged to say YES?
Come to think of it,if she said yes to all her friends wouldn’t she AGAIN be labelled a slut??
So whats so mean about it when she says”I dnt look at you that way”? And where is the freaking devoer to do so?

And all that fuss about ” trying to break out of a friendzone” ,pardon the cliche but a friend IS an indispensable part of life.  if you arent comfortable with being a friend call it quits! Whats with all that bitching?

And then ” friends with benefits”
WHY do we have to label things that arent resolved yet….that may be are on the way to something deeper…may be growing??
How do u define it when,
You adore him, respect him,are sexually attracted towards him, care for him,need him but you are not just ready for the big step cause you cant trust him or yourself enough?
Friends with benefits?? Are you kidding me?
See…all relationships cant be defined and they dont need to be.we are HUMANS with complex cellular structure and even more complex sentimental mechanism
Why do we need to be labelled when we dont need to be sitting on supermarket shelves, labelled for consumer convenience?
And how can we label relations,emotions so superficially and yet take ages to understand them,justify them?

Lets just leave labelling at supermarkets and labs and GROW UP.