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Wish upon my bone 

If only, humans had wishbones 
It would be easier 

to trap scampish desires 

Beating their way out of tired,

infiltrated rib cages

They help birds fight,

Well may be we could win the constant fight

Between what the heart wants and what it should

And may be all those times 

When we kill our own dreams 

Or watch them getting trampled 

under some other feet 

And a sigh of “only if” gets stuck in our throats 

They would get caught in our wish bones instead 

Which when pulled apart 

Will atlast let out a sigh of hope 

And make wishes come true 


Aphrodite and The lady~~~~~collab 4


What is a delusion to you could be my reality

Just the way God speaks to you

if you believe in his quiddity

I wonder who drew this intangible line of separation

Who demarcated sanity?

when we all have moments of insanity

and flaws within

When our reality could just be a delusion

we have unanimously decided to believe in.

Who knows if there is life after death?

who trusts the conjugation of souls beyond?

You like to believe in love

you might be living in pain

and joy might be joy just to feign

You delude to abide by the truth

While truth is an illusion you chase in futility

and your reality is an abandoned cry in your delusionary make

Aphrodite and Deb~~~~~~collab 3


A soul brimming with life

came forth to this world

that intended to bind,

where wars seemed to be rife,

While peace was the first syllable

on people’s mind

Divulged into a life of pain

where love was found to be a mask,

The skies opened up for an envious rain

while hatred had a devilish task

The soul now touched with evil,

Tainted  with fear,

Devoid of zeal

was caged in its own skin,

Crippled by sin


perhaps of love

or perhaps humanity I gave it my spirit,

tried to conjure it

And exalt it to its epiphany


A little faith and alacrity

But the poison of its septic existence

had eviscerated its essence,

The dead can not be healed

My spirit swirled around its corpse

Then faded away into wasteful nothingness

Love Happens


When your heart has been shoved and thrown around

When your faith walks on broken glass

I know its hard to hope

When you have bled so much regret

I know its hard to see

When you have had dust of lies blinding your eyes

While you scramble for the truth

Beneath the pile of crumpled pages of your trust

I know its hard to let yourself Love again

But love happens

You dont have to go looking for it

It doesnt need your flashlight

Love happens

Even if your heart is buried in the core of your hatred

Even when people could start eating each other

And you couldnt care less

Love happens

It may not be returned

May not be understood

May not be valued

May not be forever

But its always there

holding the atoms of our souls together

Little things


My memories form a maze inside my head

I dont know what unravels at the centre

But the roads are strewn with your face,your voice,your words,

little things pebbled under my feet,

Asking me what happened

to those whispered promises,

Collaborated dreams,

Stolen kisses and sleepless nights

why are we so away from each other

that with every step i take

I scatter pieces of me in the wind,

Hoping they will find their way back to you

Why do I ache for those forgotten tales to be retold?

Why do I still answer to those names

that are lost in time,

Echoing in voiceless breeze?

Why do I remember

Every syllable you spoke,

Every inch you kissed,

Every instance you smiled,

and every letter you wrote?

May be because with you

Life wasnt months and years

but minutes of love and moments with you

And I loved you for everything you stood for,

The essence that you brought into my life

And all the little things



Ink stains my hands like blood
I have clawed my heart out,
Laid it on the table for the world to see
Instead of blood I bleed ink
The pain flows not as tears
But is extant in the words
Scribbled across this page

Pen is mightier than the sword
I hope to cut you with every word
To scar your conscience with my verse
To wound your eyes
Such that they bleed regret

Call it vengeance
For I seek to clutch at your heart
I seek the world to feel my pain
I seek those envious to live my nightmares
And I seek to avenge my dreams
That stick to my eyes like dried ink
Unable to flow and morph into runes
Clouds of indigo dust
Fall off my lashes with every blink

My castles collapsed into a heap of stones
The stones,pieces of the heart you stoned
My white horse never found its way
Out of the forest&my prince,out of art
My child my womb entombs
I sing a lullaby of doom

By love forsworn
My fate deuce
My soul am I here to avenge
I bleed ink onto this page

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