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Impervious veins hold 

the grieving drops of ruby back,

Rust constellates over my skin 

And the black depths of my wounds 

are filled with the fragments of time

Spent forgetting you 

But in dark hours of dawnless nights 

When my eyes seek you, not light 

I pick and scratch at scabs of healing hurt 

To bleed remembrance 

And catch a glimpse of you 


Wish upon my bone 

If only, humans had wishbones 
It would be easier 

to trap scampish desires 

Beating their way out of tired,

infiltrated rib cages

They help birds fight,

Well may be we could win the constant fight

Between what the heart wants and what it should

And may be all those times 

When we kill our own dreams 

Or watch them getting trampled 

under some other feet 

And a sigh of “only if” gets stuck in our throats 

They would get caught in our wish bones instead 

Which when pulled apart 

Will atlast let out a sigh of hope 

And make wishes come true 


Quit dreaming,

They said,

To their daughters, wives and mothers,

Those bumptious men

But dream, the fickle mistress 

Isn’t loyal to one but disloyal to many 

Be it men or women 

Be it the free or the oppressed 

So rebel!

Rebel against drooping eyelids 

Let scarlet dream burn through the shame in your green eyes

Refuse to lower your gaze

Rebel against the land you walk on in chains 

Let there be war paint and war cries 

This is an uprising,

Rise despite the arrows along your spine

That pierced your organs organs with notions

Of inequality and incapacity 

Rise and heave all mothers daughters and wives to their feet 

Rise with such vivacity 

That virtuous and valiant men shall answer to the call 

And  fight along your side 

Fall has come,

The trees are gloriously naked in the woods 

So all those fallen

Must shed their branded skins and rise

Freedom isn’t asked or begged for

Freedom isn’t granted 

Fight for the freedom of your spirit,

For the chaos in your head,

For the revolutions on your tongue

Fight to remain the beautifully flawed humans we all are

Before they say , 

Quit feeling,

Quit thinking,

Quit living,

Quit breathing 

About last night

I loved you so much 
I would have walked 

Along the edge of a hundred swords

To reach you if you needed me,

I loved you like a drop of tear in your eyes

Was the poison that could kill me

And I would rather have had

my heart ripped out

Than let anybody else in

I don’t know how I did that,

Stood still

and listned to the wail

 of your breaking heart 

But now I clamp my hands over my ears

To drown the echo and go to sleep,

When I do,

You are the nightmare or the dream

Now when I look for traces of me in your life

I hope to find more of those photographs 

We are smiling in

And not the scars that left you bleeding words,

Empty eyed,

If someday they remind you of me

And you wonder

If I spent last night thinking about us,

I want you to know

I did

I loved you so much

I thought I would die without you

And you know, I did.

No promises


You can make me laugh
When I havent smiled in a while
You make life seem easy
And I dont have to try to be happy

I am broken
I am scared
I cant look future in the eye
And ask for forever
When I know forever is a lie
Just hold my hand
I cross my heart and hope to die
I wont ask for more

Dont promise me forever
Dont promise me the moon and the stars
Right here,right now
Take me in your arms
And let me love you with all that I am

Sunset and sunrise
Snow and wind
Let us live whatever we can
No promises
Just hold me to sleep tonight
And be there when I open my eyes

Foolish girl


She says
she is so in love
And he keeps her happy
I wonder
For how long?
Foolish girl
Doesn’t she know?
‘love’ is a collosal fiction
In this mundane realm of our existence

She stays up at night
Cutting out paper hearts
With that creepy dazed look in her eyes!
Yeah! I remember
The beautiful hand cut heart confettis
I had put in that ring box
The ring he threw,back at my face
Foolish girl
Doesnt she know?
She will be using the same knife
To cut open her vein
To let her tears mingle with blood
And carry away her pain

She sleeps at night
Holding her pillow
Probably dreaming of his arms
Foolish girl
doesnt she know?
Those arms will one day strangle her heart

Foolish girl
Doesnt she know?
There is no such thing as love here
Just dicks and lust
Semen and men
Sex is all thats echt
Love is just the misleading prologue
To a man’s bed