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Impervious veins hold 

the grieving drops of ruby back,

Rust constellates over my skin 

And the black depths of my wounds 

are filled with the fragments of time

Spent forgetting you 

But in dark hours of dawnless nights 

When my eyes seek you, not light 

I pick and scratch at scabs of healing hurt 

To bleed remembrance 

And catch a glimpse of you 



I will meet you where dew drops wet the lips of leaves,

Where clouds caress the moon,

Where rain drops fill the cracks in scarred rocks, 

Where tress hold hands beneath the ground 

I will meet you in places 

Where unconventional, unglorified lovers entwine, 

Beneath the surface, cloistered and dark 

Within the crevices of universe 

And in undiscovered galaxies 

Where our stories are sung by lost stars 

If only you stayed

He says, Years have passed 

Have they, love ?

I would still break into tears 

If you hold me 

Would you wipe them away 

Like that day though? 

Would you hug me tight, 

trembling hands buried in my hair 

And let your sigh at the nape of my neck 

Say goodbye? 

Or this time will you let go and cry?

He says years have passed

But after all these years the moment hasn’t 

It’s frozen where our lips last met 

Immune to the whims of time and space 

Every time we think of each other 

We are still locked in that embrace 

Darling, we never finished saying our goodbyes 

Writings on the wall

Years, I have spent years

Looking at the walls 

Of this tatterdemalion citadel 

Splattered with my innards 

And bleeding heart 

Years, I have seen just one colour, 

This indigo muck paint on my hands

And Papers on the wall 

Saying the same things,

Different words, 

In want of what?


 Empathy ?



Years , I have spent years, 

Almost seven,

Sitting at this table

Now my hands tremble

And it’s tempting to drop that pen

Never write, never feel, never think

And never spell a word again



Why must I do this to myself;
Stab myself with your dagger?
How does it gnaw at my skin
Even when it is powerless:
Vandalised at the hands of rust?

Why do I find myself at your doorstep
When I am not sure which road to take?
When I know the locks have changed?

Why do I lie to myself this often?
I am no saint
Yes,the reflection of someone else in your eyes,
The two of you smiling
Impales me
So why do I look in through the goddamned window
Even when the other side is not where I want to be.

You are here now


You are here now
Footsteps away
Somewhere in the crowd,
In the blurry swarm of strange faces
Or may be you are home
I pass by your lane,
My heart in my throat
You are here now
Footsteps away
Where I could reach you
And yet the distance is larger
than it ever was
And I am too jaded to lift a foot
Too wise to retrograde
Too strong to look back
You are here now
But I am a milion miles away